Project Rolling – Update #6 – Big A.. Base

Sorry I haven’t been posting much this week.  The ISP I use has been on the fritz for three days.  When it works, it is half the normal speed at best.  I have been working on a commission…  Some little plastic character for the boardgame Decsent.  Anyone every played it?  I don’t know anything about it…

I have two Siege Animantarax.  I have been slowly doing the prep work on them.  One is for me.  I have been saving commission cash for quite a while.  There was a “tax free” weekend recently.  So, I saved my self a few bucks by getting him then.  The second on is for a Breast Cancer Brawl.  It will be auctioned off.  I will post details of the assembling and painting of these two.  This will take a LOT of paint..

Earlier this week, I opened them and did a very detailed check for bubbles and casting problems.  I found five parts total that had problem and one missing part, sent in my request with pictures.  The parts have already been shipped.  I won’t bother you with the details.

What I have done is work in the bases.  First I pulled out may dwindling supply of cork.  Ripped off some pieces and arranged them on the base.

Once I had them the way I wanted them, time for a little super glue.

I normally give the superglue a half hour to dry.  Then I pulled out my Renaissance Ink Gel.  I started with the tub of Fine.  This dries like sand.  It is an acrylic paste.  When it dries it paints up really nice.  It sucks up the paint.  Usually let it dry over night.  Straight out of the tub, you can paint it in 2-3 hours.  I like to water it down so it will ooze into the low spots between the cork on the base.  I use a sculpting tool to mix it and move it into place.  It cleans up with water.

The next day, I took the tubs of medium and course.  This will add some texture to make parts of the base look rocky.  Again, I mixed the Gel with water 50/50 and let it dry over night.  Can you see why I do stuff like this while I am working on one project.  It will in the time waiting for something to dry and give me a break from all the close detail work.

Now I get to paint them.  Three P3 colors, Bloodstone, Rucksack Tan,Menoth White Highlight.  This is pretty easy, cover the whole thing in Bloodstone.

Then do a heavy drybrush with Rucksack Tan

Finishing it off with lighter drybrush with Menoth White Highlight.  Easy easy easy.

Hopefully I will finish the commission next week.  The parts should so up by then.  Crossing my fingers, they don’t have any of the problems the other ones have.  I should be painting these two sometime next week.

Till next time, just do it…

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