Project Rolling – Update #5 – Up to date..

I have jumped from one project to another, commissions mixed with worries and fighting depression.  Job search mixed with to few games.

I have not put Skorne on the table this year.  Really…  I have not played enough games either.  Thursday night I went to the Whiz and asked for a 50pt game.

One of the Khador players put the Heart of Darkness Tier 4 on the table.  In case you have not see it.  Butcher1 with Man-o-Wars, Widowmakers and Melee jacks…  I had already pulled out Immortal Host Tier 4.  Zaal with Kovaas, Karax, Immortals, 3 light beast and a brand new Archidon.  My first game with Zaal since Mk1.

I have be honest, I looked at that and just wondered how I could do anything against two Juggernauts and a Marauder, 10 Man-o-War, more MoW solos than I had ever seen on one table and all the Widowmakers you would want.  Top’d off with a caster as good as the butcher.  I thought about saying thank you… and picking up my stuff..  So much for self confidence..

I am not going to do a full battle report.  I didn’t get an photos…

On my second turn ( I went second), I got the Kovaas in Melee with three MoW and killed one, expecting Kovaas to go bye bye.  Hakaar was right behind him, all shot up from the widowmakers.  I mixed in Karax and Immortals to draw his attention and for support.  I need souls and stuff to die for the Zaal’s feat.  The Butcher moved closer.  His army killed 5 Karax, 2 Immortals, 1 Extoller, the Kovaas, then Hakaar.  Pop, there is a nice new Kovaas.

My third turn, I cleared out a MoW with Immortals vengeance.  Then a Cyclops Brute cleared out another. Zaal moved up and used his evil eye to take out a third MoW.  This gave the Kovaas 3 soul tokens and a LoS to the Butcher.  Zaal Cast Last stand on Kovaas.  Popped his feat.  8 Ancestral Rage tokens should be enough.

Kovaas charged in using tokens to boost the attack, 4 dice did a lot of damage.  The 2nd attack missed.  3rd attack finished the job…  It was two days ago and I am still surprised that I pulled it off.

I need to play more…

Well, I posted a while back that I have painted more Skorne.

I did Naaresh and an Archidon for another BFF a couple of weeks ago.  Naaresh was pretty much a standard Skorne paint scheme for me.  The trick with him, you have to figure out every little thing on his body.  Is it skin, rope, flesh hook.  Not always easy to do.

You might find this funny.  What happens when you let someone borrow your light tent?

Do you see those fibers on the top of Naaresh?  My friend left the light tent set up on a table.  I am pretty sure his cat really enjoyed sleeping in it…

The Archidon was so easy to assemble.  The wings are perfect, I didn’t have to pin them.  There is a notch in the body for each wing.  The vertical is three times as long the horizontal.  It give a large flat surface to glue.  Two different directions that really locks that wing in place..  I did pins on the legs, not deep.  Just to make sure.

I did the gold and red first.  Then I glued on the wings.  A little putty on the lower body to wing connection.  Base on the top was bloodstone.  Underside was Troll Underbelly Blue.  I then shaded the top with Ruckstack Tan, the under with Morrow White.  Thin layers, that got smaller as I moved away from the leading edge of the wing.  I tried to do some wet blending.

Ruth game me the suggestion of the tan spots on the underside.  I really like that touch.

My one concern with this model, is how the $%@$ do I transport it.  Well, I don’t plan on going on a plane any time soon ..

If you have questions about what I did on this bird please ask…

You already saw Hexeris1 when I posted him a couple of weeks back.

I actually painted him after I did Naaresh and the Bird.

A very interesting character in the story and in game play.  The first caster I ever played and I am so glad I dropped him the DIP jar and repainted him.

Last week, I did a small commission, then a pulled out a caster I have never played.  I have a habit of reading rules and stories about a character while I am painting them.  Read before I go to sleep and such.

Hexeris2 is quite something.  All Skorne are very different from the morals we have.  I think Hexeris (both of them) are more the biggest power mongers in Skorne.  Lie, cheat, ignore orders…  I still chuckle at Dominar Rasheth twisting Hexi around in Domination.

His Cataphract style armor is very detailed.  His back decoration (is there a name for that?) is decorative horns, replacing the metal on Hexi 1.  Sometime painting can be like brushing your teeth, you have to do it.  Sometime it is fun.  I had a smile all the time I was painting him..  Really nice looking model.  The same scar, the same evil grin and beady eyes…

Before I forget, he give me another Theme list to Tier 4.

So, I told you I would post a list of the Skorne I have left to paint.

Morghoul1 2011

Void Seer Mordikaar

Tyrant Rhadiem

Void Spirit

Siege Animantarax (for auction at a BCB)

Venator Slingers x10

Praetorian Swordsmen x10 and the Ua

Praetorian Ferox x5

Nihilator x 10

Cyclops Raider

Cyclops Savage x2

Cyclops Shaman

Molik Karn

Titan Gladiator

Titan Cannoneer

Titan Sentry



Some of the Beast I have listed are extras.  I need to figure out if I will ever want 3 Gladiator, 3 Savages or 2 Rhinodon on the table at once.  Will I ever do an unbound game?

Well, enough for now.  I am working on a little commission.  Thirteen plastic character for Descent, the board game.  I think it the first one…  I know there is a 2nd edition out there..  When I get some more of them done, I will post some shots of them too…

Till next time..

Just do it…


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