Project Rolling – Update #4 – Time to catch up….

It has been over six months since I posted on this one.

The whole idea with this was to post any work on my Skorne until I had them all painted.  Unambitious title…

I have working on other things, some mine, some commissions, evil plans and such..  I have done some Skorne stuff..  I guess I will catch up on this one.

In January, I wanted to finish a Zaal Tier 4 theme list.  I had to do some Immortals to finish it.

Not much to say, pretty easy to paint and fun on the table.

In Feb I didn’t do any Skorne.  I have some repairs to do.  If I write about it, maybe I will fix them.  The standard on the Venator Reaver UA and Tyrant Commander broke.  Is this really a surprise?  I have the brass rod and drills.  I know how to do it.  I guess I need a round 2-it….

In late march I did an Extreme Titan Gladiator for a BFF on Lost Hemisphere.  I am pretty sad that this model isn’t in production.  I know new stuff makes more money.  I heard a rumor that there are production problem with the molds they have now.  Well, if it was in production, I couldn’t afford another one anyway…

Nothing special about the paint job, pretty much standard Skorne stuff.  I did the back banner free hand and magnetized the banner for easier transport.

Extremes are not special on the table, they just look SO GOOD.  I have to admit that he adds a little bit of intimidation to the army.  Maybe he gets some attention that he doesn’t deserve.  If you plan for that, it can help, just a little..

Next time I will have a list of what I have left to paint for Skorne, so it is easier to keep track off.  If memory serves me right, it is: 4 cast, 1 solo, 6 units, A lot of Beasts.

Till next time,

Just do it.

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