Dirty Birds update 4

These birds are close to leaving the nest.  Well, maybe to the display case…

It has been less than two week on these, but I look back at the colors.  I have never tried a color wheel to make a scheme.  There was an article in Lost Hemisphere that sparked this color scheme.  Thanks Dicewraith.  http://losthemisphere.com/blog/22818

I figured I could pick one color and see what I could do with it.  The army was supposed to not so dark Eldar.  Bright and Happy Dark Eldar.  Huh…  Well, I picked P3 Sanguine Base as my majority color and I knew I wanted three, maybe four colors.  I pulled up the wheel they used in the article and tried the options for and decided on Accented Analogic.  As you can see there is a my Sanguine Base (SB), Beaten Purple(BP), Khador Red Highlight (KRH) and Iosan Green(IG).  I wanted the Sanguine base to be the center so that is the armor. The wings, have both the SB and KRH.  The Heads have hair and feathers.  So the hair is IG and the feathers are KRH.  The Purple is the highlights on the guns, some of the bottle things near the wings and the tubes on the wings.

As I painted them, I didn’t want the wings to be just orange KRH.  So I picked to colors, one on either side of KRH.  Skorne Red(SR) and Cygnus Yellow(CY)…  SR is used on the muscle parts of the wings and the leading edge feathers.  KRH are on the second row of feathers and CY is on the wing root feathers.  I tried washing the wings with SB, but it was so dark.  I tried the other wing on the prototype with Sanguine Highlight(SH) and it really added contrast.

The bat wings are mostly KRH glazed with CY.  Thin layers lightening the orange a little then increasing as you get way from the bones and leading edge.

An off white on the bones claws on some of the wings.

The metal is Quick Silver washed withArmor Wash.  BP in a very thing glaze on some parts of the weapons and full strength on the gems.  BP on the bottles under the wings and brushed with a white BP mix.  White BP mix on the tubes on the wings then Glazed with the thin BP.

Head are like the guns.  The eyes are BP white mix, Feathers are KRH.  You really have to look at the heads, some of them have one or two feathers mixed the hair.  The hair is my one spot of Green.  I drybrushed the hair and feathers with CY to add some highlights.  The necks are SB.  Skin is unremarkable…

Will take some more pictures of them when the bases are done.  Get a little closer.  These are the first GW models I have painted in way over 5 years.  The plastic is very free of mold marks and fits together very well.  They are so thin that I am nervous about breaking them all the time.

The biggest challenge with them was how to do the wings.  I decided to make the wings pop.  When they are on the table I want them to stand out.  I easily spent over half my time on the wings.  I am chuckling a little, I think they do really stand out.

What next, tomorrow I will finish the bases, do a little bit of touch up.  My one last look them over.  Then one coat of brush on sealer.

This is a behind the scene kind of story.  These models had a rush status.  I was told to get them done for a birthday.  Today, there was a call.  Nope, not those models, something else.  Needs to be done in a week.  I’m not doing that one.  Tired of Chicken, need a different flavor.  The ones I did will go into the big army commission.  No big surprise.  No biggy, they still look great…

I have a tournament to run on Saturday so I pretty sure I won’t get any painting done.  Maybe I should plan on getting something based and primed…  I need to think about that.

Next commission is the Decent (board game) plastic characters.  I am thinking of fitting in something for me before I jump into those.  Well, I primed them today.  The nice thing about them is they are all different.  The bad thing about them is they are all different.  They all look like fun to me.

I hear a noise in the west and the ground is shaking.  There is a Skorne Battle Engine coming in very soon.  It will be really close to the top of my to-do list.  Really looking forward to that BUFF…

Well, enough for now.

Just do it…

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