Dirty Birds update 3

Really tired tonight.  Didn’t sleep well last night, humid and no breeze.  Hotter today, so the   aircon is on….

For the third day in a row, I have gone to the Whiz and worked on the Birds.  It seems like I do 3-5 hours and that is it for that day.  I have not taken photos since Monday.  Just forgot to get some.

On Monday, I took the one with wings and did the other five.  Pretty happy with them.  The armor is Sanguine Base, the wings are Skorne Red/Khador Red Highlight/Cygnus Yellow, Washed with Sanguine High Lights.  Drybrushed with Cygnus Yellow.

The bat wing ones are the same colors, the bones/muscles are skorne red, the leather parts of the wings are Khador Red Highlight and Cygnus Yellow.  The pictures I have are the first layers.  I am trying to make is smoothly go from orange to yellow on the leather parts.

There are some tubes on the wings.  I used some Beaten purple and Menoth White high lights to make a purplish cream color.  Then I glazed it with Beaten purple to darken the areas closer to the edges.

The weapons are Quick Silver with an armor Wash, then drybrushed with just a little radiant platinum.  Then Beaten Purple for the domes/gems that seem to be everywhere.  Areas like gun barrels get that beaten purple glaze to give it a glow.  The Gems get a little spot of the creamy purple I used for the tubes on the wings.

The only thing left on the body is to drybrush some offwhite (not decided which one) on the skin, do the wing and feet nails.   Then just a few highlights on the armor.

The heads are based coated, but need detailing..  pretty easy after the wings.

Well the one in this photo is the prototype.

If I can find the motivation, maybe I can finish these and base them tomorrow..

Then who know what…

Just do it..

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3 Responses to Dirty Birds update 3

  1. Those wings are amazing. Thank you for showing how you did it. Wings are always a frightening proposition for those who don’t have a good idea how to do them (I’m part of that group!).

    You are making a full Dark Eldar army, correct? If you are, these models are really going to draw the eye to them. Do you have any plans on incorporating that scheme into other models?

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