Grace O’Malley – update 17 Progress is still progress….

To start with…

Here are the last sixteen models I needed.  Well, I had four, so I guess this is the last twelve.

The goal was to base and prime them.  No need to show you how.  I already did that.  So after sixteen bases with 49 pieces of wood.  I trimmed the edges and cut off the corners.

Can anyone think of a use for the little wood chips I cut and the sawdust?  I haven’t thought of one yet, but they are in a jar with the rest of the wood chips…

The three models, Lass, Lantern and Sacks are really well done.  The other two are just as good, but painting two or three per unit reduces the fun factor a little.

The lass is cute, nice face and the Pin behind her back is a nice surprise that matches the rules well.  Lantern has an animal in the coat pocket, I think it is a badger.  Sacks has a nice Tam, pompom and all…  Really great concept and sculpts.

Primer …  sure, brush on is time, but easy.

To be honest, I am not sure when I will get to work on these.  I have six more Sea Dogs and a Rifleman.  A Buccaneer too.

Commissions are coming first right now.  Well, at least until I have an attack of P.A.D.D.

Till next time,

Just do it…

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