Dirty Birds update 2 – Ducks in a row

I went back to the Whiz on Friday to work on those Dark Eldar.  I had an idea of how to mass produce the heads.

I took part of the sprue and I made an I shaped piece.  The two top pieces are there so I can set it down and have the heads upright.  Not done with them yet, but the ideas are coming along.  I figure I can get them all painted, pop them off this thing and glue them where they belong….   Easy Peasy!!!

This was done in between work on the birds.  The hair is green and still needs more shading.  The feathers are going to be an orange/yellow.  The face of the helmets are still being debated (yes, just me in that debate).  Armor color or a silver with shading…

I did some touch up on the armor.  Then I did a gray on the belt.  Put a thin white base on the energy bottles close to the wings.

Most of the time was spent on the wings.  Armor color, Skorne Red, Khador Red Highlights, Cygnus Yellow.  Washes of Sanguine Highlight, drybrush with Cygnus Yellow.  Trying to balance things out.  The ones with bat wings got a Khardor Red Highlight first thin coat.  Not even close to being done.  The wings are what is going to stand out, what you will see from across the table.  They don’t all have to match up perfectly.  Color variations are a good thing, but they all need to be the same quality.  Right now they are not.

So pretty soon I will be back at these.  At the moment, I have a little congestion and a sneeze.  Saturday, I’m going to try to get someone to play Heap (Privateer Press new Bodger Card game).  Reading the rules again tonight…

The rest of the Pressgang for Grace O’Malley came in.  Basing and priming will be the first thing.  Some parts and a couple of other things landed on my desk too.

I have some many things I need to make sure nothing else gets added to the Que…  Speaking of which.  I found a model my cousin wanted me to paint for her.  I have had it for over a month and I had totally forgotten it.  I think I am breaking my own rules of not having to much on my table…  Well, figuratively speaking at least.

Well, dat’s enough….

Just do it…

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