Comm-ject Dirty Birds update one – uncertainty

Whenever I am doing something new, I have a huge amount of apprehension.  I am pretty confident that I can do a good job.  I just look as some of the models on above my monitor to remind me.  Yet, every time I start something I have to convince myself to keep going.

Today for example.  I was done with my daily stuff a little after 9am.  I could have been painting by 10.  I read different blogs and forums, watch something stupid on the Tube.  In general I screwed off until after noon.

Why…  I can only come up with this.  Uncertainty.  Will the color I have picked look alright.  Can I get the details to look the way I want.  Will the person I am painting for like it.  The only instruction I have are make the Dark Eldar bright and cheerful.  Sure, right, that sound so easy…  what does that mean?

To prime them I put the model on my sticks for mass production.  I use gesso and brush prime.  It is hot and humid today, not possible to spray prime.  Gesso is also cheaper.  I mix it with a little water, spread  the gesso out on the pallet.  Then dry brush on a really thin layer.  These models are so thin and the connection to the base is tiny.  When I am doing a heavy brush stroke, I can feel the model bend.  I worry about breaking stuff, so I go slow.  I think I was lucky, only one arm came off.  Cleaned up the joint and glued it again.

I like to paint from the inside out.  In general, that means torso, everything close to the body or under weapons and such.  This time it will be the armor and belt.  The head are going to be done separate and glued in after the wings and upper body is done.  I need to find an easy way to handle 10 little tiny plastic heads…  Any ideas?

Next I did the body armor.  Sanguine Base.  Not the wings, not the bottles near the wings (what are those anyway?)…  A thin coat does pretty well, touch it up in a couple of places.  Some of the models don’t have boots, others don’t have gloves.  That base coat is done on all ten.

I know what I want to do with the flesh, but I keep leaving that paint at home.  I just checked my desk, it must be in the basement.

There is some cloth on the thighs and a belt with a grenade and things attached.  It must be a good contrast, but not to bright.  So I try a Bastion Gray & Menoth White Highlight.  That will shade nicely with a thin black wash and a touch of white…

The wings.  I keep looking at them while painting the armor.  When all of that armor is done, I will do the next few steps on one model, that way if I screw it up, I only have to strip one ….  Go to the store PC and look at bird and feathers..  Three rows of feather.  Going from dark at the leading edge and getting lighter toward the trailing edge.   The very tips of the trailing edge can be quite bright or even a different color.

Where the armor connects to the wing is a dark red.  The feather will go from a red – orange – orange/yellow.

I think I can blend and shade this so it really looks good.

A lot of shading to work on, I can almost picture them done.  I have a clear idea of how to do the feather wings.  One last thing, what do I do with the four bat wing models

I need to get an earlier start tomorrow.

Just do it…

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