An old friend is back..

Lost Hemisphere does a painting challenge each month.  I quite often forget to do something for it…

This month, I took a little time and did my model with reach.  Who wants to paint something with a large or huge base this month?

Hexeris is the first caster I ever played.  He looks so evil, so large and so confident.  Looking at the model, I thought he could do spells or melee..  I have fond memories of Mk1.   He got beat up pretty bad when a home made transport got dropped.   So all of Mk2 he has been missing.

Recently, I dumped my Swordsmen in the dip and dumped him in too.  He got primed when I did something else.  I pulled him out and did the traditional Skorne colors.  Skorne Red, Coal Black, Shiny Gold, some shading nice new cork base.  I plan on using him for some games in Summer Rampage.

Gulgata is his weapon.  A reach magic weapons shouldn’t be a big surprise.  Beat back on a caster with reach and a MAT of 7 means movement tricks.  A charge into my Titan, followed by two more hits got me within melee range.  His caster couldn’t take five POW 14 attacks.  Well, that may have been a Mk1 story, but it still works. Hexi gets healed when you take you enemies life.  He can take the fury from an enemy warbeast when you drop him like a bad check.  Nothing like a refilling your fury.

Death March  is an Upkeep that gives a unit a MAT bonus and Vengence.  Run Nihilators or Swordmen into melee (leave some in a second rank).  Play the game of I lose some you lose some..

Obliteration is a AoE with above average area, POW and cost.  Soulfire is a single target attack with removes from play and you gain a fury….

Psychic Vampire is an Upkeep that increases the cost of spells/animus and has some damage tricks.  With Hexi’s large control area, this can really bind up some casters.

Soul Slave, yup another upkeep.  One of your beasts can always pass his tests and channel spells.  I need to paint up my Sentry and give this one a roadtest..

Dark Dominion is his Feat.  Some changes since Mk1, but still has the same flavor.  I kill your stuff.  I move your stuff and kill more of your stuff.  Nihilators?  Venator Reavers?  Swordsmen?

His theme gives you everything you could ask for (except Nihilators)..  You get upkeeps already up and running (that is like 8 free fury).  Some advanced deployment, some advanced move and a larger deployment zone.  No beasts are required.  Hexi really like to use his infantry and he does nasty things to enemy infantry.

I have not build a list for him yet.  My Swordsmen need some love.  So the theme won’t get past T1, but that give me free upkeeps.  One thing I know, Aptimus Marketh will be there with him.  Pay for upkeeps with souls.  Oh ya..


No painting today.  I worked on some color theory for the Comm-ject I talked about yesterday.  I have all ten of the Dirty Birds assembled ( heads are not attached).  Tomorrow should be a good day to get some primer and paint on them.  I think I need to take one and test out the colors..

After yesterdays post.  I keep looking at that list of stuff that I want to do…  I have to stop looking…

Just do it…

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