Project Grace O’Malley – update 17

A horse run faster when it is headed for the barn.  So, on Saturday, I finished the third and fourth Sea Dogs and base coated all the weapons.

Sunday, nada, nothing, zip, goose egg…  No hobby work at all..

Be reasonable.  I can’t post picture every day.

So I get a pretty good start for a Monday.  Picked up the last model for Project Clock Spider.  Ooops, I can’t talk about that yet…

So, I picked up with seven sea Dogs left.  I had to do some washes and a lot of details.  I really tried to do the eyes and such.

So here is a shot of what is done.  Well, most of them still need some base work.  The pirates may get a tattoo.  But those will happen when everything is done.  Easier doing them all at once.

This unit is supposed to be cultists, Thamerites….   Some black mostly dark cloths, but still pirates.  Some of them are a little colorful.

I am really pleased with them, they came out better than I had dreamed they would.

What next?  I put a little paint on a Mechanik UA, but I think he might have to wait.  I have to talk to someone tomorrow and I might be shifting gears and doing something really different for a Commission.

I will end this with a list of what is done and what is left.

Fiona The Black – Done
* Buccaneer – need an arm
* Freebooter – Done
* 2x Mariner – Done

Doc Killingsworth – done
Kell Bailoch – done
Ragman – done

10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done 

10 Sea Dogs, 1 Sea Dog Riflemen, Mr. Walls, Quartermaster

6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – two done

6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen

10 Press Gangers – being shipped

6 Press Gangers – being shipped

I have finished over half of the models.  If I count points, it is WAY over half.

I pushed today to finish this bunch of Sea Dogs.  Completing this unit was within sight.  I grew up on a farm and what I said about horses is true.  At least for the chow hounds that we had.  Do you find that you push to finish a project more once it is over half done..???

Till next time,

Just do it..

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