Project T for T update 1

Well, after the visit to the dentist (don’t ask) I came home and started assembling some stuff…

I have to say, Tuffaloes are as heavy as a bucket of Titans.

What I have started is a Full unit of Long Rider (LR) and Horthol, Long Rider Champion…  Now that is a lot of heavy metal..

Three of the LR are assembled, so I took them off the bases and removed the rider (as much as I could) from the mount.  I like to paint the mount, then attach the rider and finish.

Next was to assemble the other two LR and both Horthols.  No real drama, pretty easy stuff.

The round flat shield on the LR might be tricky to assemble, but I will look at those later and pin them if needed.

So, I took the time to clean up the mold marks.  Not a lot, but there is a lot of metal to check and file..  Then some gluing.  The only tricky part was on the Horthols left arms and shields.  There is a very nice V that aligns perfectly with a spot about half way between the fist and the elbow.  Very well done.  The hard part was putting pressure on it, there is a spike in the middle of the shield..  Is that enough metal for you?

Time to fill some gaps.  There is a wonderful product.  I have called it “Greenstuff” for years.  Nope, not the new stuff from GW.  Squadron Green putty has been around forever. It comes in a 2.3 oz tube for about $5 vs less than .5 oz of the GW green stuff for over $3…  My old tube of Squadron lasted me over 10 years..  Just keep the cap clean and tight. All I do it take a tooth pick, take just a little and push it into the gap.

It take minutes to dry, but I usually give it and hour.  Then I use a small hobby knife to remove excess.  You can also take a stiff nylon or brass brush and any extra comes right off.  I have used it for years, love it, go get some..

The last thing, prime’m..  I still use Gesso thinned about 50/50 for priming..

I won’t bother you with pictures of primed models.  You will see those when I get around to  painting these.

You might have guessed, next is back to the pirates…

Do I have an attention span problem or is the way I mix project a way to stay fresh. Making sure I do something every day?  Maybe I was just to lazy to unpack the paints here at home!  Does it mater?  I made some progress today.

One thing I learned about time management.  You can work on more than one thing at a time.  In fact you might be more productive.  Take the time you have and do something.  If you have three projects, the #1 priority may have a road block today.  Do some work on the second or third project.  I can’t finish Grace O’Malley, I don’t have the Press Gang yet. Everything doesn’t need to stop because of one problem.  Pickup project #T for T or #3 Project Rolling (did I ever say it was done?) and do something. When a project #2 moves to the top, you will find you have already done some of the work and it will seem like it is easier to do.  With any luck, when the Press Gang shows up, the rest of Grace O’Malley will be done and the Press Gang can finish that one…

Remember, your #1, #2 and #3 may be a Caster, a Unit of three and a Solo.  They don’t have to be as large as my example.  I do this while I am painting too.  If I have a wash on my #1 and it will take 15 – 30 minutes to day, pick up #2 and figure out what I can get done in that 30 minutes.  Then back to the next step on #1…

So, I have Grace O’Malley at least half done.  I have a lot of metal on this commission assembled, cleaned up and primed.  I also have the last three skorne caster ready to paint, Morghoul1 resculpt, Mordikaar and Hexeris2… and other Skorne things lurking under my desk.

I guess I can bounce around depending on what feels right…

Am I crazy?

Damn right…

Just do it..

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