Project Grace O’Malley – update 14

A hard day…  Not the end of the world, just not good.  One thing about being out of work is the isolation.  I got three emails today, thank you for applying for fill in the position, but we hired someone else..

I know I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.  No drilling, but it is right in the middle of the day.  So…  you get it..

I went to the Whiz and I did some painting.  Nothing pretty, nothing finished, but sometimes it takes a while to make progress.  What did I do?

I used these.  If my count is correct, there are 25 different pots of paint and I used every one.

As some of you know.  I have 25 Sea Dogs for this project.  Ruth is doing six of those.  My plan is to have a ten model unit of Cultists and one Rifleman.  Two six model units each with a Rifleman that will be done as what I think of as Hollywood Pirates.  Bright colors, not two the same.  Ruth is doing a Hollywood unit, I started on the Cultists.  For the Cultist, I want some of the cloth to be black, everything else in dark colors, grays and off whites.  With all of them, different flesh tones and hair will make them look individual.  At least that is the plan.

Here is where I started.  The ten model unit has three of two models.  I hope to make the skin and cloths different enough to hide the duplication some what.

I Started with five different skin tones.  Then I black on the shoes, the head bandanna on some of them and the cloth under the belt on others.  The wrist bands are black, but they will get some metal and shading to make the look a little different too.

Next it was dark colors and off white.  I tried not to use the same color on more than two models and not on the same area.  for example, dark Blue on one shirt and then on some pants.

That is where I stopped for the day.  Well, I did some basing on the Ragman.  I primed up this too.

I have a couple of Skorne and thought I might do him some time soon.  Honestly, beautiful model.  If I paint him, I have everything for his theme already painted.  So, it seems like a win.  I’m interested in trying him on the table.  I just don’t play with unpainted stuff..

Next time, I will add in some hair and more cloth.  Then some washes.  I think I can use different washes on the same basic skin so they look a little different.  When that is done, shading and details on the cloth.  Last will be the weapons, pistols will all be pretty much like Mr Walls.  The Cutlasses, maybe some difference on the darkness of the steel and brass.

Life if funny.  I have been out of work so long it is slowly becoming normal to me.  Routine, I guess is a better word.  I do job search every day, over five days a week.  Post resumes, email & call as a followup, network every chance I get.  Nothing seems to happen.

Is there age discrimination out there.  It sure seems like it.

So, every day I look and deal with that disappointment.  Every day lose some of the confidence that I build over the years.  I always tried to do what my father said – do your best.

What do I have to look forward to?  Another day painting at a game store.  Sometimes people come over to the table in the corner where I am painting.  I politely answer their questions.  I am sure I have become like the furniture in the corner.  Am I a fixture.

Is this all I have left?  Sitting alone painting stuff for myself and others people.  Some people have trouble get motivated to paint things.  I have trouble getting out of the house.  Getting out of the bed.  Painting is what I do to keep going.  Painting is the reward I give myself for getting past another day.

I will never win an award for painting, my hands shake and my eyes are not what they used to be.  I try to do my best with the only thing I have right now.  It is all I have…

Just do it…

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2 Responses to Project Grace O’Malley – update 14

  1. Ruth says:

    Hey now. You’re not alone at that painting table, and you’re not alone in the other stuff. I know I’m here to be a shoulder for you!

  2. Phil says:

    “I have been out of work so long it is slowly becoming normal to me.” I can sympathise with this feeling. There is defintely something out there for you, waiting. The hard part is finding it but you most defintely know that already. Painting for me is an excellent way to keep the spirit up as it shows I am doing something productive and using my time well. I know that I will look back fondly at this time soon enough and wish I could have used it to paint even more than I managed!

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