Project T for T

Years ago…  I was shopping around for a new game…  I had quit the Evil Empire…  The I tried Warlord (by Reaper), great models, crappy rules…  Some of the locals had started playing Warmachine…  Hordes was just a few months old.  I spent a period of time faction shopping..  Not buying, but talking, looking at the models, looking at the pictures in the books, asking about play style…  Heck, no one had been playing that long and no on really knew much.  I got talking with the LGS owner about who was playing what.  The first Faction I asked about was Trolls..  Three people played Trolls..  So, I passed on my first choice..

There is some Scot in me and I always have wondered what if…

Being out of work, I have taken some Commissions, mostly swapping paint jobs for models, paints, stuff like that..

One friend made a joke about me painting some stuff for him.  Well, I didn’t take it as a joke.  He explained that he had a BUNCH of unpainted Trolls and we could work out a deal.  So it begins.  I have had a Troll list in mind for quite a while.  I talked about it in a podcast, but a bad Microphone caused it to get dropped on the cutting room floor.  Basically, I will get Troll models for painting Trolls.

So, I don’t have any yet, but as I paint, I will get some…

I was careful to ask for some, not ALL of them.  We agreed upon two beasts, a unit and a solo.  I didn’t want to take to much.  You might have read my thoughts on keeping motivated?  One of the rules is not having to much..  If I commission is to big, it seems like you will never finish it, because it seems like your not making progress..  Small bites..

I did the beasts first.

I hope the Trollblood players out there approve…  I know there is a new plastic Blitzer out there.  I love this model.  So much action.  The Pyg on his back is just to funny…   Out of control

Here is the other Beast…

Ya, it is another Blitzer..  So 4 Claws and shooting to Sluggers while your in Melee…??

That is what he wanted me to paint.  Next I may do that unit and solo at the same time.  Doing the Trolls give me variety in what I am painting..  I still plan on finishing Grace O’Malley long before this is complete.  So, one project is over half done, another starts and others are in the works….  Oh ya, there are more Evil Plans afoot…..

Damn these closeups, I see a couple of spots to touch up…

So, if you see these two at the Hobby Bunker…  Don’t blame me…

Till next time…

Just do it..

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One Response to Project T for T

  1. Jestor says:

    When you get done with those let me know, I may have some hot swappin we could do 😉 PM’s on the PP forums work.


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