Project Grace O’Malley – update 12

First, I am sorry I have not posted for a couple of days…   Wednesday was a busy day, so I got back on the brushes Thursday and today…  I took a bunch of photos on Thursday.  I didn’t have the Macro setting on.  OUT OF FOCUS just doesn’t work…  So, a new set of photos today…

I wonder if I am avoiding the large pile of Sea Dogs.

I pulled out Doc Killingsworth and the Ragman to paint..  They are two thirds of the Solos Fiona’s theme.  The Third is Kell Bailock, painted him a few weeks ago.  I guess most of the cool kids don’t want to play with Fiona….

Kell is about as straight forward as they come.  He shoots.  If he doesn’t move, he shoot twice..  He can choose to do one point or roll it..  He has a sword, but if you have to use it, he is in trouble..  Prowl is good on top of Advanced Deployment.  Pretty good at shooting solos..  Maybe you can use snipe to shoot out a Cortex or an Arcnode…  Don’t forget that Rifle is a magic weapon…

Doc is not really a what you want to mix into you melee.  He has his meat cleaver and some knives, but that is why you want him…  If you do get to close to something unfriendly, his knifes are dirty and he really throws them hard…  He adds his strength to the POW and if the target is alive, an extra die of damage just for fun..

Doc lives up to his name.  He can heal Fiona and other multi wound warriors.

I think the crew knows how good Doc is because they don’t seem to want his help.  His “No I’m Fine” ability makes touch rolls easier.  Ya, anything close to him has a 50/50 on a tough roll.  I think he may work well with the Press Gang (the only touch choice I have)…  A tough unit that can add models to itself..  Sweet!!!

The last one is The Ragman.  He has his walking stick and it is magic, but I bet you will only use it in an emergency.  He has Pathfinder and two magic abilities.

Bone shaker is a magic attack.  If this ranged attack boxes a model, you get to move it and make one attack.  Not exactly Hexeris, but with a little luck you can get two for the price of one.

Death Field is an area that reduces the ARM of enemy model engaged with your models..  You can’t charge because it is a special action.  Move Ragman, use Death Field then charge with another unit.  Hard to pull off, but nice when it work.

This old guy is hard to kill too..  If you keep him in a unit, sea dogs for example, if he is directly hit, some other poor fool takes that bullet..  He may be squishy, but he is clever…

I know why he doesn’t get stealth……

He smells to bad….

I am fast running out of stuff to paint except the Sea Dogs..  Mr Walls is a great lookin’ model with a huge amount of detail.  Six pistols, a monkey, eye patch, beard, eye brows, piping on the coat…  Maybe I’ll do him next…

I have some Trolls for a commission that I might talk about soon too…

Well, till next time…

Just do it…

Fiona the Black – done

* Buccaneer – needs a new right arm

* Freebooter – done

* 2x Mariner – done

10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done 
Doc Killingsworth – basecoated & based
Kell Bailoch – done
6 Press Gangers – MIA
10 – Press Gangers – 6 models MIA – 4 models NiB (Don’t ask)
Ragman – Primed & based
10 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
* Mr. Walls, Quartermaster – Primed & basecoated
* 3 Sea Dog Riflemen – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based

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