Project Grace O’Malley – update 11

I had a some time and pull out the Jacks.

Looking at them, the blue was really washed out.  So I made a glaze out of Exile Blue and used it to darken it us.  I tried to keep the color in the middle.  I wanted to leave the edges a little bit roughed up.

The metal was really yellow.  I tried the Brass Balls & Molten Bronze and it really like the little bit of red it gave to the metal.

Some black wash on the steel parts.  The pipes on the body, Arms, Legs, Cannon and such.  A little touchup with Cold Steel.

I was also touching up the blue, bronze and steel on the arms while I was waiting for the body to dry.

To me, the boiler in the back, the smoke stacks, the vents beside the head and the face where the heart fire shows is a chance to add some bright color to a Jack.  The first thing is to thin out some Menoth White Highlight.  I dilute the paint between 3:1 and 4:1 with Mat Medium and Flow improver (in a 50/50 mix).  Then, I use a small brush to wick the white into the places I want it.  Sometime you have to hold the model at a certain angle while the white dries.

When it is dry, I use a yellow ink wash.  Again I use that 50/50 Mat/Flow mix.  I a mix of 8-1 mix to ink.  Then I put the yellow so it fills the areas I spoke of before.  It is a bright yellow, a really good contrast to this dark and dirty Jack.  Set it aside to dry.  Careful not to spill this ink mix on the Jack, it will stain whatever it hits…

Ok, think you have, now the stack and the rest of those locations have some color.  My final step was the mix an orange ink wash.  50/50 red/yellow ink.  Put it on a little less than the last one.  I wanted to have yellow around the outside and orange in the middle.

Now I worked on the shading and touch up of the arms while this was drying.

The ammo boxes got some glue and are attached to the Mariners butts…  The ropes on the shoulders and other locations, got some Menoth White base and a thin black wash.  Assembling was pretty easy, considering the pins are already in place.

So I have two mariners.  Think of one with Nonokrion Brand on it, ignore intervening model and makes that cannon a Magic Weapon too…   Bye bye Paladin…  Then activate Fiona and put a that spell on the other Mariner….

Both types of Jacks have Lash, so you can keep things from being knocked down, but Fiona is a little squishy, be careful..

The Freebooter doesn’t get much love from Foina.  Well, not a lot from her spells, but her 7/8 focus means she can be generous some times.  The extra threat range from Jury Rig comes in handy, but don’t use it until you really need to…


Fiona the Black – done

* Buccaneer – needs a new right arm

* Freebooter – done

* 2x Mariner – done

10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done 
Doc Killingsworth – basecoated & based
Kell Bailoch – done
6 Press Gangers – MIA
10 – Press Gangers – 6 models MIA – 4 models NiB (Don’t ask)
Ragman – Primed & based
10 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
* Mr. Walls, Quartermaster – Primed & basecoated
* 3 Sea Dog Riflemen – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based


I’m not sure what I will pull out from under my desk next.  I look at all the Sea Dogs and shudder…   Maybe tomorrow, maybe not…  I don’t have to work on this project all the time.  I just need to keep painting…

Just do it…

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