Evil Plans

What does this mean…  Have you ever heard of a secret Santa or a Paint & Swap…   Kind of like a gift exchange, but it is to give a surprise gift to someone.  Out of the blue….  It is so easy to focus on the model I want to paint and play.  It is a really good feeling to paint something for a charity event or just to say thanks to a good friend….

Evil Plans are fun 🙂

I wanted to do this one for a while, but all good things take time.  I had to figure out what my victim had.  So I wouldn’t give a duplicate.  Discreet questions to the locals and searching some forums showed that he has everything for his forums, but almost no Mercenaries…

I had a six model unit so it took me a while to get the other four.

Nyss are beautiful and hard to build.  All the arms need to be attached, at least half of them have swords.  That means you have to get the hands and shoulders to lineup. I spent quite a bit of time just pinning the arms/weapons.  You also have one head to pin.  A lot of people leave off the stuff on the back.  The quiver and scabbard do not have attachment points.  No easy way to make them work together either.  Also there is a bow for the sword using grunts too..

Painting was Coal Black on the armor, Rucksack tan for the cloth under the armor.

Bases are cork with some Renaissance Ink, fine paste for the snow..

They showed up about a week late, my mistake.  A total surprise.

I must say, it was the most fun I have had painting in a long long time.

It doesn’t need to be as large as this Evil Plan to be worth doing.

Until next time

Just do it!!!

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