Project Grace O’Malley – update 9

Yesterday was a day to experiment.

I have not worked out the colors for the jacks…  In general I like the book colors, but how to do them.

I have the legs on the bases and I have used Molten Bronze and a test blue that I don’t like..

I did the Molten Bronze, Trollblood Base and Pig Iron on all of them..  I did a black wash on the steel and blue and a brown wash on the Bronze…

The bronze was really a coppery color and I wanted it a little more yellow…

I took one of Mariners legs and did a experiment.  I took a 50/50 mix of Brass Balls and Rucksack Tan.   The mix look like a yellow/brown metal, not to shinny …  I did a dry brush of the Bronze.  By accident I got some of the mix on the blue.  It lightened it up a little… but the blue was almost gone, so I did a thing P3 Blue Ink wash…  One drop of ink, one or two drops of Matt Medium 3-4 drops of flow improver.

I am really happy with this, I have done some of the basecoat on the bodies and arms…

I may do the wash with a very thing mix of Blue/Green ink on the bronze to give it a sea water corrosion look…   I guess there is still some old salt in me….

I also saw Ruth.  She finished her second Sea Dog.  She thought of doing the hat in that purple, but decided to on the brown…

Damn, she has a good eye for colors…  Notice that she did the purple on the hat band…  nice touch.  The Arrrgyle is just amazing to me…

I am not sure what I will get done today…  Dentist this afternoon…   I guess I need to follow my own advice…

Just do it…

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