Project Grace O’Malley – update 8

Did I make a mistake?

I went to the LGS today.  I didn’t paint anything for this project.  I have been working some stuff for a friend.  He is trading models for paint jobs…

It is once again, a second hand model, both arms broken.  Missing crotch armor and some spikes.  It looked like had been painted with a toothbrush.  Repairs, new part and some of the work on the legs, lower body and head was where I started.

Well, I was working on the Behemoth and talking with Ruth (she wanted to paint some pirates).  She reminded me that she said she was bored and wanted something new to paint.  She was working on one of the Grunts and I am so impressed and pleased at the model and to see the fun.

We talk and joke while we are painting.  Other people join the painting table.  I think we had five people.  Pirate jokes followed by Arrrhhh.  Then I was asked: “What about Arrrrrgyle”  I am sure I have blank look on my face.  Then I heard: “Arrrrgyle socks” followed by laughs.  Soon after that it was how about an Arrrgyle sweeter?   Well, by now I remembered what the diamond pattern she was talking about.  No she wasn’t joking.  Then the pattern showed up on a smart phone….  Pirates with Argyle?  I smile and watched.  I went and watched a demo.  Well, you take a look!

I am floored by how fast and precise she did that.  After I took this photo.  She did a wash to even out the colors…   I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and see the finished model…

So, what do you think?

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but until then…

Just do it..

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