Project Grace O’Malley – update 7

One of the local painters is interested in painting some Sea Dogs, Press Gang or both.  She likes the variety of the casting and that I don’t have any specific plans.  “Make them all different, different cloths, different skin tone.  Watch Pirates of the Caribbean for ideas.  Have fun with them.”  Pretty open painting instructions.  Some of the ones I will do will be cultists.   I didn’t go looking for this.  It would a variety to units that should not be uniform in color, skin tone, etc…  Heck, it would be nice to have every one of the Sea Dogs and Press Gang looking different.  Every painter has their own style…

I am so used to painting most my own stuff.  One theme was commissioned, but I upgraded the paint jobs on every model.  It is different to have someone, just wants to paint them.

I guess I am writing this trying to get used to the idea.

She did a Beast 09.  Decided to try to make some of the Armor look like a Faberge Egg.

That is the first Jack she ever did.

I am pretty sure I won’t be playing a Hardcore any time soon.  If someone comments on them, I am sure I will give her the credit.  It just feels strange to declare a project and then not do the whole thing myself.  If she does some of the list, I still have over 50 points to paint… 😉

In the end, do you really care?

I bet as long as you get an update and some photos once and a while you’ll be ok with it….

Just do it!!!

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