Project Grace O’Malley – update 6

Today’s Progress

Am I the only one or do you do a better paint job on Casters than the rest of the army?  I tend to spend a lot more time on a Warcaster/Warlock than I do on any other part of an army.

Job search and stuff around the house kept me busy until noon.  I thought I could work on pinning the Freebooter, Rags and Walls.  Prime some stuff and maybe some painting.

I pinned them and primed all the Sea Dogs, Rags and Wall.  The first blister I found in my bag O Stuff was Fiona.  She was over half done, but that was the easy part.  Her face was just the basecoat, hair not much better.  The jewelry in her hair was a mystery.  A lot of details and shading.  The steel had been washed, but the bronze wasn’t in place and all of it need shading.

The cloth on her neck and above the armor is black, but that is to dull.  So I did some highlights and drybush with Bastion Grey.  The used some thinned out armor wash to even it out.

The cloak and some of the cloth is black with some Coal Black and highlighted with Coal Black + Menoth White Highlight (MWH).  The edge is purple, I darken’d it with a thin glaze of Exile Blue, the sharpened the middle with some thin Beaten Purple.

A lot of the cloths has an edge to it.  I thinned out the left over Bastion Grey with some MWH.  I didn’t want a bright white.  I also used this on the skulls on her cloths and armor.  The skulls got a base-coat, Armor wash, then a little drybursh of mix they had been base-coated with.  The cuffs of a puffy shirt stick out of her sleeves.  I did those in Bastion Grey and highlighted them with the Bastion Grey and MWH mix.

No gold on Fiora, Steel and Brass.  Doesn’t she have brass for leading a band of cultist pirates?  Well she has a triple arrowhead symbol on her armor, some brass on one leg, her shoulder and parts of her weapon.  Base-coat with Brass Balls, armor coat wash, drybrush with for highlights with Brass Balls.  The rest of the metal is Cold Steel, same process.

Her hair is Bloodstone, with a brown ink wash, drybrushed with a 50/50 Bloodstone and Rucksack Tan.  Holding her pony tail is some sort of jewelry.   What part was jewelry and what part was hair was driving me nuts.  On her abdomen is a crescent symbol.  I finally noticed that similarity.  So it is a brass band around the base of her ponytail with a brass crescent.  At the end of the ponytail is another brass ring.

I used the midland flesh painting method in the FoW Cygnar book to do her face.  It my be the best face I have ever done.

I used a little black & white on her eyes.  I forgot to do the triple arrowhead tattoo under her right eye.  I need to do that tomorrow.

Her engine has a Khador Red highlight glow with some Sulfuric Yellow on the edges.  The spear needed some glow.  I like the blue it shows in the book.  So I thinned out some MWH and added just a touch to all the vents.  The I think out some Cygnar Blue Highlight with my MWH and just dropped that in the bents.  Last was a Brass Balls or Cold Steel drybrush to sharpen the edges.

I am really proud of her, I will do one more check for little things I missed.  Do that Tattoo, then clearcoat her tomorrow.


Fiona the Black – done

* Buccaneer – based/pinned partially assembled

* Freebooter – based/pinned partially assembled

* 2x Mariner – based/pinned partially assembled (need new right arm – long sad story)

10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done 
Doc Killingsworth – basecoated & based
Kell Bailoch – done
6 Press Gangers – MIA
10 – Press Gangers – 6 models MIA – 4 models NiB (Don’t ask)
Ragman – Primed & based
10 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
* Mr. Walls, Quartermaster – Primed & basecoated
* 3 Sea Dog Riflemen – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based
6 Sea Dogs – Primed & based


I won’t get a lot done this weekend.  Travelling to visit family.

More next week.  Until next time….

Just do it…

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