Project Grace O’Malley – update 5

Croe’s Cutthroats, The Ragman and Kell Bailoch are not pirates, so they don’t get Plank Bases.  I am using a simple, three step basing.

First, glue.  Hobby glue, wood glue, Elmer’s glue all work for this.  I take an old blister and mix the glue about 50/50 with water.  Mix it up with a toothpick.  It is probably not the best idea to use a good paint brush for this.

If you base has an opened slot just use some tape to cover it.  Masking tape or painters tape is a good choice..

Fill the indent in the base with the glue mixture, not quite to the top.  I use a dark brown ballast from woodlands scenery.  I use my finger to fill the base.  Shake off any extra.  Let this dry.  This is the downside to doing it this way, it take a couple of hours to get close to being solid.

Next I want to shade the rough dark brown I have on the base.  I take a toothpick and make two or three areas of glue.  A total area of from 30% to 50% of the base.  Enough to see, but not the whole thing.

I use a some yellow ground cover that I have had for years.  I don’t have the bag, so I can’t give you the exact match.  It is again from woodlands scenery.  Just pinch some between you fingers and sprinkle it over the base.  Shake off the extra.

Once again, give it some time, at least a half hour.  The you can add some static grass.  This is pretty easy to find.  Woodlands, you know who, has it in large amounts.  Other companies sell it in small tubs.  Use the same toothpick and glue to put two or three small spot of glue.   Pinch a little bit of static grass over the base, shake off the excess.  You see a pattern here yet?  Wait 5 minutes then blow on the static grass a little.  This makes it stand up a little.

I normally save all the models using this type of base and do them all at once.  Then I will paint something or work on some other project for an hour or two, overnight is good too.  Then do the next step.

My base look sloppy too.  I wait and do all the black edging at one time.  So you will see a lot of sloppy bases until I am almost done.

Just do it.

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