Project Grace O’Malley – update 4

With the Holiday today, I still did a little work.  I got some painting done on Tuesday too.

Tuesday, I got Kell’s base done.  Here he is before the base work.  I took some photos of how I do that, but I need a couple of more.  So you have to wait for that basing article.

I got a little bit of work done on Doc, just some more basecoat.  I put some blue and Molten Bronze on the Jacks, but not enough.

A lot of progress on Fiona, The cloth is pretty well done, armor is bases, washed and highlighted, maybe some tips to brighten up.  The hair is coming along.  I glued on her right arm.  The weapon isn’t even based yet.

The big part was the order that showed up late on Tuesday.  I had ordered everything else I need for this list.

Freebooter – check

Ragman – check (not sure why they send two – check my order and it wasn’t for two)

Sea Dogs x 22, Riflemen x3, Mr. Walls – Check

Press Gang box of six – missing (check the order – what went wrong)

So, I am chasing the Press Gang… Where did they go….

Well, today I worked on the Sea Dogs.  Well, it is a lot of work getting twenty six more models on Plank bases..  That was a good part of the afternoon..

They are not done, I need to even up the edges and cutoff the corners.  The squares stick out to much so I trim them into octagons…  Then it will be time to prime them.

This is the first time I have really looked at Mr. Walls.  Really nice detail, hat, coat, face, guns, monkey…  Just really well done, looking forward to painting him…

Well, progress no mater what part of the project, is good.

Just do it..

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