Project Grace O’Malley – update 3

I am just catching up on what I have already done.

Croe’s Cutthroats don’t get a lot of table time in my area.  I know one player who uses them.  Are they a little expensive?  Khador and Menoth can make them into a Faction unit too..

I digress.  They are working for Fiona the black.  What can she do for them.  First, they are cultists.  No, don’t make them stand next to the boss.  Use them like a good advanced deploying stealth unit should be used. The point is that they don’t fail moral checks.

Her spells might help a little.

Affliction might help if something has really high armor (probably not the best use of this).

Nonokrion Brand is a good possibility.  You crossbows/gun become magic weapons.  There some really interesting tricks with what you can shoot with this on a unit…  If your in range, you can shoot it..

Roth’s Mercy won’t help Croe.  He is the last one to die.

Telgesh Mark can make a model into an Arcnode.  Advanced deploy, stealth and pathfinder…   Do you really need to me draw a map on that one.

She has some others, but not that they effect Croe and his boys..

What to do with this nasty band.  Get them up table fast.  Take out some solos or inf if the DEF isn’t super high.  The RAT isn’t great.  Of course, they like shooting Beast better then Jacks.  Most of Turok’s stuff just isn’t what they are good against.  If you can keep them in some terrain they are pretty hard to hit.  Keep them spread out too.  Like you didn’t know that.    They A.Deploy, make you opponent react to them.  If he ignores them, make them regret it.

The swords are all poison, so every living thing get 3 dice damage.  Four on a charge.  If you ever get a backstrike charge on a living target and get to roll 5 dice for damage, let me know.  The crossbows are poisoned too.  Croe’s gun is a nasty little thing.  Whatever gets hit can’t cast spells for a round.  So, pick you target carefully.

They are old models.  What I mean by that is, the design was about the same time as Nyss Hunters and Steelhead Halberdiers.  The cutthroats have different heads, two arms and weapons to put on their backs…  There isn’t any easy way to attach the two knives or the crossbow to the belt or back of the models.  I can understand why some people don’t bother.  Not the worst to build, not like Idrian Skirmishers either…

I painted them in dark olive greens and browns.  The bases are a three step process that I will show you soon..  I don’t have photos of it right now.  You may notice that a couple of bases have some BIG black empty areas.  I transported them before they had dried.  Doohh…   So I need to fix that.  They all need a layer of dullcoat too..

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2 Responses to Project Grace O’Malley – update 3

  1. whitestar333 says:

    I like Croe’s Cutthroats but I don’t think that Fiona offers them that much, so I haven’t bothered to pick them up. I’ve had some success with Fiona lately but I’ve been running her with the Highborn Covenant instead.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with her on the table! She’s really quite the lass 🙂

    • lonelymonk says:

      Croe’s are not a perfect choice with Fiona, but in the Tier, it is Sea Dogs, Press Gang and Croe’s… So, a unit with Stealth, A.D. and Pathfinder is appealing…

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