Project Grace O’Malley – update 2

I debated where to put this, as part of this project or as a stand alone post…  I think by now you know which one I chose…

Making a Plank Base!

First, I don’t cut the craft sticks with the same snips I use on models, it crushes the wood.  I use an old micro saw I have had for over 30 years, it is steel and after more miniatures, terrain and craft projects, it is still sharp.

Cut your craft sticks about this size…

30mm – 1″

40mm – 1 3/8″

50mm – 1 3/4″

These don’t have to be exact.  If they are a little bit long, no big deal.  Just trim the base after you finish.

So first, you need to trim the tab on the bottom of the model so it doesn’t stick out beyond the feet.  Then you need to glue the model into the base.  Use a craft stick to space the feet so they fit on top of the deck.  (that blue stuff is poster tack that I use to hold the base on a bottle top).  I think you can see the gap between the feet and the base.

Next pull out some pre-cut craft sticks.  For 30mm I use 2 1/2 sticks.  One stick fits perfectly behind the feet.  It hangs over the back of the base just a little exactly what you are looking for.

Now you have to mark the middle plank.  Lay the second plank in front of the feet.  Do your best marking the feet.  Try to mark the outside of each foot.

I used the micro saw, a round file, wedge file and a hobby knife.  This is the hard part.  You need to be careful.  You can split the wood.  If your lucky you can repair a split with superglue.  Cut a little, measure, cut a little measure.  Remember, the hole isn’t always straight up and down.  You might have to angle the hole.  Test fit the plank as many times as you need to, until it fits perfectly.

Ok, once it fits perfectly.  Glue it in.  A little around the edge of the base and a line on the plank in back.  Set it aside and let it dry.  Next is to split a plank in half.  So it fills up the front of the base.  Cut it, file it smooth and glue it in…

The last thing I do is to trim the corners.  If one side sticks out to far, I trim that too.  That old Micro Saw is perfect for that.

For the Jacks, 40mm needs 3 planks, 50mm needs 4 planks.  These are really easy.  The feet are usually smooth and they glue to the wood so easily I think you will be surprised.

So, as an update.  I have the bases for everything started.  The Jack bases are done.  The 30mm all have one plank glued on and the others are cut.  These will take a long time to do.  I am not sure I will custom cut all the planks to fit the feet, I may try cutting the feet smooth and gluing them down.

The Mariners are pinned.  Legs to hips, body to arms, arm to cannon, ammo box to hips.  The rest has large surfaces and should glue well.

One bad thing, well on the a world scale it is just a small problem.  The Harpoon arm on the Buccaneer was broken (second hand models again).  So, I think I need to order a new part.  I tried to in it and it just didn’t work.

Well, is that enough for today?

Till next time….

Just do it!

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