Project Grace O’Malley – update 1

A long long time ago, I can still remember…  oops, no song lyrics…

Over a year ago, I wrote about The Devil to Pay.  My thoughts on her theme list.  

A couple of months ago, Devilsquid also wrote about Fiona the Black.  

This rekindled my interested.  So I started picking up models for it.  I had a almost everything except the Sea Dogs and Press Gang.  Well, there is a lot of those.  The rest of what I need is showing up this week, maybe Monday.  

What I plan to do is 68 points.  Options, it is all about options.  60 models, 56 of them are 30mm..

Fiona The Black – based & primed
* Buccaneer – not based
* Freebooter
* 2x Mariner – not based

10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done last week
Doc Killingsworth – based & primed
Kell Bailoch – based & primed
10 Press Gangers
6 Press Gangers
10 Sea Dogs
* Mr. Walls, Quartermaster
* 3 Sea Dog Riflemen
6 Sea Dogs
6 Sea Dogs

What was I doing last night.  It was base prep work.  I plan on doing all the pirates on Plank bases.  Cut up some craft sticks and glue them to the plastic.  If the planks are about as wide as the inside lip, the deck doesn’t stick out past the base very much and shouldn’t get in the way during play.

The sticks I have fit between the lip and cut that most models glue into.  So, one plank in what I think of as the back of the model.  In most cases this means the back of the models feet will be on this plank.

The middle plank will all be custom cut.  Cut the tab that is on the base of most models so it is as post below his feet/shoes.  Use  a file, saw, knife or a combination of all of them to cut a notch in the plank that fits the model.  This will hide the metal below the model giving you a nice smooth deck without any sign of the models connection to the base.  You can also pin the models feet and drill holes in the plank and base.  A warning, this is very time intensive.  If I had a job.  I would look for some bases to buy, but I have time not money, so…..

You may have noticed that I said plank deck bases on all the Pirates.  Croe’s, Kell and Ragy are not Pirates.  They will be getting dirt bases.  I paint these models first then add the basing.  I will take some photos when I base them and let you see that in a later post.

Well, my plans for today just changed, so I guess I have time to base the jacks I have and prep a base for the Freebooter.

Until next time.

Just do it!

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