Project Sisters – Update #3 – Time is getting short..

TempleCon is in just over two weeks..  My painting is accelerating and I am not sure the quality is up there where I want it, my brushes are trash, my back hurts and my eyes are shot…  But I must go back and cover some more of the Cryx that I have…

So far I have:

Witch Coven of Garlghast +5 points
* Egregore
* Corruptor 8 points (magnetized)
* Reaper 7 points (metal)

Darragh Wrathe 4 points
2x Necrotech 1 point each
3 Soulhunters 6 points
3 Soulhunters 6 points
8 Scrap Thralls 1 point each

Right now I am Tier 2.

So for Tier 3 I need the Withershadow Combine and Tier 4 requires more Hell Jacks.

The Withershadow seemed very easy after the Soulhunders..  Dark bronze, dark steel and bones..  some cloth which I basecoated with Black then I did thin layers of color and washed it with a dark (green & brown) ink wash.  The last thing was the green glow.  I use my green glow mix (green & yellow ink).  First I thin some Menoth White Highlight flow improver & mat medium (to reduce the shine).  Then I wash it with the green glow.  I did it for the waist to the chest, the ribs, around the head and on the boiler where it looked appropriate.

A little bit of Magenta and some dark wash on the book and upper body cloth and this one is done.

The third one isn’t really any different.  They are dark and dirty.  Live underground, don’t wash unless it rains and never change their cloths.  I don’t have picture of them on Dragon Forge bases yet..  Ooops…

The Withershadow Combine are nasty against Jacks.  If you deploy first, the jack are usually far far away.  Tier 3 allows you to redeploy a model or unit after everything is deployed.   Just picture the Avatar over on the left and your Withershadow on the right…  Move them over and turn that pile of junk into a Seether…

So, now it is time to dig in my box-o-Cyrx and find some Hell Jacks…  Nightmare, nope not legal…  Spider Jacks, not this time…  Have not figured the assemble & mount on the base thing with them yet…  D.J., well, he is intimidating…  I really want to do a good job on him and I don’t think I have figured him out..  Hey, here is a Seather and a Slayer….  All the parts, look like a win/win…

Nothing different from the other Hell jacks.  Blighted Gold, wash with brown in mix, a thin layers of Cryx Bane Base on the large armor plates,  dry brush with Brass Balls.  Apply green glow in same old way..

Seether help keep some focus on the ladies.  Great MAT to boot.  Slayers are pretty cheap and basic, but engine of destruction is makes everything better…..

Well, I am legal at 50 points Tier 4 now, but that isn’t enough.  I have other things I want add.

Tier 4 allows a Hell Jack to Advance deploy, one for every War Witch in the army…  I think you can guess what I want to add…

Until next time…

Just do it…

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