Project Rolling – Update #3

I have been painting, and painting and painting.  In some ways I have used painting to fill the time I used to spend at a job.

I get up, coffee, job search stuff, breakfast, more job search stuff…  It has gotten to be a routine.  Very little with anyone except my wife.  When ever that is done, I usually go the Whiz (local game store).  Most days I park on one of the gaming tables and paint.  Sometimes it is terrain work, getting stuff ready for TempleCon.  Most of the time, I am working on something for Class of the Titans.  If you don’t know what that is, check out ….  I average 3-4 days a week and sometimes a Saturday.  Normally it is 4-6 hours of painting.  I am a slow painter, but practice has helped me with the speed.

Project Rolling – Pretty easy to declare it complete.  The gray is what was done before I started.  Bold is what I have painted and Red is what I still want to finish.  I have the Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer on the painting table.

Tyrant Xerxis +5 points
* Bronzeback Titan 10 points
* Rhinodon 7 points
* Titan Cannoneer 9 points
* Titan Gladiator 8 points

4 Cataphract Arcuarii 5 points
4 Cataphract Arcuarii 5 points (Officer & 1 Grunt)
6 Cataphract Cetrati 10 points
* Tyrant Vorkesh 3 points
6 Paingiver Beast Handlers 3 points
6 Paingiver Beast Handlers 3 points
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer 3 points
Venator Catapult Crew 3 points
Venator Catapult Crew 3 points
Venator Flayer 2 points
Venator Flayer 2 points
6 Venator Reivers 5 points
* Venator Officer & Standard Bearer 2 points
6 Venator Reivers 5 points

The only hard thing about doing the Artillery was getting the gunner and the Flayer Cannon to line up on the gun shield.  I ended up pinning the arm to the gun, then attaching the arm/cannon to the body and cannon all at once.  The Catapults are pretty easy to assemble.  Nothing amazing abut the grunts.  Skorne Red, Coal Black and Gold are the majority of it..  These are the first Venators for me, so these the prototypes for the Reavers.

The prevailing forum judgement seem to be down on the artillery.  For me, Advance Deployment for these means The Catapult is probably stationary and in a firing position on turn 1, the Flayer Cannon might be, but turn 2 it is for sure…  Support fire for Xerxis in a Brick can’t be all bad.

Then I moved on to the Reavers.  It was about now that I got the NQ with The Abyssal Cohort in it..  That is a new Xerxis theme list.  It uses Reavers too…  So I moved on the a big unit.  I had twelve Reavers and the Unit Attachment.  So, fourteen models.  I have always had a hard time doing large units.  Well, nothing else to do but plow into it..   Maybe there is an advantage to being out of work!

With the Reavers done, it was time to look ahead.  The new Xerxis theme was almost done, just a few solos to fill it out.  I already had one Extoller and three Ancestral Guardians painted.  So I pulled out Hakaar, Aptimus Marketh and another Extoller.  While I was getting the models out, Zaal and his buddy Kovaas called to me…  paint me, paint me

You guessed it.  I have always looked at the Zaal theme as the one I really wanted to play.  The bump in the road was the units.  The thought of painting a dozen Immortals and that many or more living units seemed like a mountain I could not climb.   Now that the Caster was painted and the solos are all done, I think it might be possible.  For the Xerxis list I need to do two units Karax.  This will complete that list.  For the Zaal list, I need the Karax, then two units of Immortals…   Gulp, 24 infantry…  Top that off with it is just over 3 weeks till TempleCon when I made that choice.  So here it is, sixteen days to TempleCon.  Where am I know you ask.  Still painting…

Immortal Host give Ancestral Guardians Advanced Deploy, Extollers get three soul Tokens and the Kovaas starts in Play…   That lovable angry ghost can do the nasty from the start of the game.  If  your opponent doesn’t have a ton of magic weapons look out.  When it get destroyed you can easily have 3-4 ancestral guardians ready do become another Kovaas.  AoE cloud with good Power and thresher with a MAT of 8 and a good P+S, soul tokens from enemy living, this thing is going to be fun…  On top of that, if Zaal take damage, you can transfer it to an Ancestral Guardian and it gets to be the next Kovaas…

Well, I need to finish the Karax, twelve them.

Almost there, I need do the weapons, drybrush the face and paint the banners. Then on to the Immortals!!!

Till next time,

Just do it…

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