Project Sisters – Update #2 Catching up.

Where to start…  If I remember correctly, I have not give you a list of what I plan to build..

IBodger is a must if you have a smart phone.  I will bold what I have already talked about in previous posts.

Tier 4: Auguries of War
50+5 points, 22 models

Witch Coven of Garlghast  +5 points
* Egregore
* Corruptor  8 points
* Deathjack  12 points
* Reaper  7 points
* Skarlock Thrall  2 points

Darragh Wrathe  4 points
Necrotech  1 point
1 Scrap Thrall
3 Soulhunters  6 points
3 Soulhunters  6 points
2x Warwitch Siren  2 points each
Withershadow Combine  5 points

I can here it now, I don’t play in tournaments… I may play in a leagues, but most of the time I play for fun.

Next I pulled out a Necrotech, pretty straight forward, steel legs, brass butt, undead flesh (used FoW Cryx as a reference), a little bit of brighter colors on the cables/tubes on his body, a dark color on the cloak/hood…  I used the green glow ink wash mixture for the engine vents, chest and googles..  Oh, I had two so I painted both..

Necrtochs need Scrap Thralls.  I got a lot of these models in an “I am quitting gaming deal“.  A couple of big boxes of stuff.  I had two Necrotechs and some Scrap Thralls in a plastic bag.  I got another blister of Scrap Thralls so I would have some in case the Necros ever made some more.  When I counted the numbers didn’t work.  Two Necrotechs and a blister should have given me five Scrap Thralls, I had six…  Puzzled, I was (Yoda ?)..  I pulled out my Box-o-Cryx.  I thought I had 14 Mechanithralls, but when I looked closer, it was twelve and two Scrap Thralls.  So I painted eight of them.

The models are a mixture of spare parts and spare body parts.  So undead flesh, bones, steel and brass.  Green glow on the chest, around the skull and around the engine..

A big part of this list is the cavalry and the solo that supports them.  Incorporeal on my turn and starting with a soul token to boost and attack.. Oh yes….

I worked on the Darragh Wrathe and six Soul Hunters in one big bunch.  The Soul Hunter have thin legs, but careful they can break.  I drilled and pinned the feet to ensure they stayed on the bases.

Undead flesh, bone, brass and steel make up most of it.  I used Magenta in a wash over the muscles to bring out some details and color.  A lot of Green Glow for the horse part’s chest and areas where it seemed appropriate.

Quite a bit of time and lot of details…

They are pretty gruesome, but shouldn’t they be?

Darragh Wrathe follows the same pattern as the Soul Hunters, I used some Coal Black on his pants, a lot of metal on the horse.  His weapon is very thin, but careful with it.

There is a lot of detail on the horse and rider.  A lot of choices to make, I did a lot of green glow on his body, like he has a Necrotic engine in his living body.  Doesn’t he want to be a Lich?

Till next time,

Just do it!!!

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2 Responses to Project Sisters – Update #2 Catching up.

  1. Mugu says:

    Hi there! Have you had much luck with the army in any games you’ve played? I’m using a similar army that I’m prepping to bring to TempleCon and would love to hear your experiences with it. My army (35 points) is:

    Darragh Wrathe
    3 soul hunters
    5 soul hunters
    2 Warwitch sirens

    I recently changed to make one unit of the soulhunters a min unit and dropped a Necrotech in favor of the sirens. As the Necrotech didn’t come in as useful as I’d hoped it would.

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