New Years promise

I have to apologize for not posting for a while…

Honestly, be out of work is rough.  It is hard to be cheerful and to write something interesting when I spend so much time chasing leads.

TempleCon preparation takes some time.  Terrain work and such.  I have been chasing down scenario tables.  Most of the ones we had last year are returning and several new ones will be making a debut.  It will easily be over twenty tables.

PAX East is drawing my attentions, no details yet, but it sure looks like fun.

I will make a promise.  A new years resolution I guess.  I will post an update here at least once a week.

Over the last two months I have been painting a lot.  I will give detailed updates on the projects that I was working on earlier last year.

Project BigK – has been finished.

Project Sister – has been finished.  More done than I planned on, a lot more.  I have a couple of things that I may still add to this.

Project Rolling – Not a lot of attention, but I have new stuff on the table right now.  Considering it is my only active project you can plan on seeing more Skorne from now till TempleCon (my deadline)

I also have things to paint for a charity event at TempleCon – Memory Machine.  Details coming very soon.

One last thing, Project Pipes – nothing big – a small thing to work on.  This one will show up during TempleCon.

I have been gone to long and I am sorry for the absence.

Till next time,

Just do it!

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One Response to New Years promise

  1. Mugu says:

    First let me say that its great to see you post again, I’d wondered if you’d gotten Lost. 🙂
    Hey brother, best of luck on keeping your spirits up during the job search. Not sure if you want to post your location and what kind of job you’re looking for here, but it couldn’t hurt.

    Look forward to something new every week, but hope you don’t burn yourself out. Having submitted admittedly few posts over at Plarzoid’s blog, I now understand how long it takes to write a post.

    I hope that 2012 is great to you and look forward to hopefully meeting you at TempleCon!

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