Project Sisters – Update 1 – What to add

Now that the Casters are done, I need something for a battlegroup.  There are a lot of options, but one plastic Jack kit gives me three options.  I pulled a metal Reaper out as a second choice.

For the plastic kit, I read a couple of guides on magnetizing, borrowed some drills and jumped into it.  The head was pretty easy.  There as enough depth in all the heads to add a magnet to each.  The arm/shoulders had a different problem.  The arm is a small cup that doesn’t have enough depth to drill a hole for magnet.  So I drilled the shoulders twice as deep.  This allowed me to glue one magnet on the arm and it slips into the deep well of the shoulder.  I didn’t use any power drills, it took a little over an hour to drill and glue the magnets.  Remember, be careful to check the polarity.  It isn’t good to have a part that repels, if you get it backwards, it is hard to undo it..

Most of the Jacks got base coated in Blighted Gold.  My idea of a Cryx Jack is the armor being Brass and the bones (structure) being steel.  Some of the weapons being steel, depending on how they look.  So I pulled out Pig Iron for do those parts.  A P3 Brown Ink wash, not straight, Flow Matt Medium Mix (FMMM) 1 part ink to 4 parts mix.  I used that wash of the whole thing.  Then a light dry brush of Brass Balls.  The Steel got a P3 Armor Wash & FMMM wash and a Cold Steel dry brush.

I took the glowing parts and used Menoth White Highlights, thinned out with a little FMMM, about 50/50.  I had to do a second coat in a couple of spots.  Now for the glow.  A 50/50 mix of Green & Yellow P3 Ink to 4 parts FMMM.  Slop it in.  If you get a little over the edges it just adds some glow around those areas.  After this I dry brushed a little Brass Balls where I got to much glow…

Now I have a bright shiny Jack.  I want to make the armor plates darker.  I did a thin coat of Cryx Bane Base.  This is a dark greenish grey.  Once that dried, I (once again) dry brushed a little Brass Balls.

The Corrupters weapons got a little bit of color.  Each weapon has three tubes and the jack has three abilities I can use with either weapon.  My idea was to make each a different color.  Heartfire, Wurm Green & Arcane Blue seemed like good choices.  They seemed really bright so a quick black wash to add some definition to edge and dull them up seem to do the trick.

The pipes, I washed with the glow mix and dry brushed with Brass Balls.  You see a pattern yet?

Last was to put them on the Dragon Forge Bases.

My first Cryx Jacks seem easier than I expected.  It may be a very simple paint job, but damn they look good..

Till next time,

Just do it…

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One Response to Project Sisters – Update 1 – What to add

  1. Nice Miniature! Great colors for the weapon and nice with the neodyn Magnets to chance the weapon. I don’t see anything! 🙂

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