Project Sister – The Beginning

I have not finished BigK or Rolling, but I am starting another project.  Can you say F.A.D.D. (Faction Attention you know the rest) boys and girls.

I have been using a box of unpainted Cryx for a footrest under my desk for a long time. Why haven’t I painted them you ask?  Well, a lot of excuses.  First I don’t paint enough, have not picked a list, uncertain of a color scheme and a hundred other excuses.  Maybe I should blog less and paint more…

Well, I had to make a choice.  Lost Hemisphere dragged me kicking a screaming into Clash of the Titans.  Does anyone really think a little over six months is enough time to paint three 35 pt theme forces?  Well, I signed up for this insanity and I only have two list…

I normally pay caster with low Focus or Fury.  It just seems to work out that way.  Well, I wanted a spell slinging caster and I wanted to put some Cryx on the table.  My LGS has several Cryx players, but no one seems to play the Coven and Egrogore.  So I decided to see what I could do with them.

I tried to make the Egrogore look different from any one I had ever seen.  Stop and think about that.  It doesn’t have legs, it always seems to be on plastic flight base or a post shoved into the ground.  This has been a hang up of mine, how to model it…  Over a year ago, when I opened the Forces of Warmachine Cryx book, I had an OMG moment.  There it was on page 63!!!  The Egg (Egregore) was oozing darkness, three of them.  So I tried to find a way to model it…  I won’t bother you with all the details (maybe another article someday???).

It is base coated in a mix of Thamar Black & Pig Iron ( I call that dark metal) and some of the parts are Blighted Gold.  Then I used Menoth White Highlight to fill in between the metal bits.  A 50/50 mix of P3 Yellow and P3 Green ink and a Mat Medium & Flow improver mix gave it that green/yellow glow effect.  I drybrushed with Brass Balls and Cold Steel on the metal.   I did Thamar black over the legs and mixed it with some Menoth White Highlight to give the legs some shadows.  Last I took some pillow stuffing and soaked it in black ink, let it dry and glued some onto the legs.  Trying to get a smokey look around the feet.  I glued it onto a Dragon Forge Base and my first Cryx model was done.

I wanted the sister to be a little lighter than the book colors, nothing bright light Christmas tree decorations. I wanted them to still look ominous.  I followed the pail flesh paint scheme in the FoW book.  Then I did the Armor (fore arms and thighs) in Blighted Gold, P3 Brown Ink made into a wash and Brash Ball dry brush..

The rest was cloth and leather (to me at least).  I base coated the cloth in Bastion Grey and the leather in Thrall Flesh.  The cloth was lightened with Menoth White Highlight in several steps.   The armour wash shaded by following the Dead Flesh write up in the FoW Cryx.  Then a drybrush with Thrall Flesh to lighten it up…

Here is a shot from about half way.  I did a very thin wash of Beaten Purple on the back on their skirts.  Knives are just Cold Steel, P3 Armor Wash and a dry brush of Bright Silver.

Of course I put them on the Dragon Forge bases.  To make the energy lines, I used a little Morrow White to make white lines.  Then I put a thin line of the Green/Yellow ink mix over that.  When it dries it is light in the middle and dark on the edge.  I really like that.

So here is to a new faction, I have a lot more to paint.  A lot more to write about too…

Till next time,

Just do it…..

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