A Rant HST

The wife wanted to go to the new Warehouse store, so I walked around while she looked for a six month supply of toothpaste.

As is my habit, I wandered past the books.  Mostly cook books and romance novels with a few new releases.  My eyes popped open when I saw The Rum Diary.  I grabbed a copy and stood there for 10 minutes reading the first chapter.

If you don’t know, The Rum Diary is a novel written by Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson.  He wrote this before his carrier got going and it wasn’t published until 1998.

I used to read Rolling Stone magazine in the 70s.  I always looked for articles by Raoul Duke.  Thompson used that as a pen name.  Anyone every read Doonesbury, yes the Duke is based on Thompson.

To me reading his work is like an autumn day, walking in the woods.  The cool air, smell of the falling leaves, just so refreshing.

I will tease you with a taste.

“They run the whole gamut from genuine talents and honest me, to degenerates and hopeless losers who could barely write a post-card–loons and fugitives and dangerous drunks, a shoplifting Cuban who carries a gun in his armpit, a half wit Mexican who molests small children, pimps and pederasts and human chancres of every description, most of them working just long enough to make the price of a few drinks and a plane ticket.”

I will consume this book like I am starving and then I will dig in the box of books in the basement, that the wife keep bugging me to sell, and find the Great Shark Hunt, Fear and Loading in Las Vegas and other HST jems..

I am out of work and there is a lot of stress floating around.  For some reason, I am smiling right now.  Not sure why, but I know it has something to do with the words of Hunter S. Thompson.  There will never be another like him………

A parting gift for those of you who have never read anything of his…


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