BigK – Update 33 – A sixpack and more

First, sorry for the long delay in posting..

Over the last month, I have managed to squeeze in some Khador work.  If I remember correctly, I was working on a unit of Bombardiers.  Before I continue,  I think I should give a general update on the overall project..  I plan on doing 75pt + Karchev, 29 models.  Here is a list, the stuff that is bold isn’t painted yet.

Karchev the Terrible  +5 points
* 2x Berserker  5 points each
* 2x Devastator  8 points each
* Spriggan  9 points

6 Battle Mechaniks  3 points
Man-O-War Drakhun (+dismount)  5 points
Greylord Ternion  4 points
Koldun Lord  2 points
5 Man-O-War Bombardiers  11 points
Man-O-War Kovnik  3 points
3 Man-O-War Shocktroopers  6 points
3 Man-O-War Shocktroopers  6 points

The bombardiers seemed very easy to put together.  I assemble the arms and painted them separately.  They are flexible enough to slide onto the body.  So I  put a small drop of glue into each arm socket and it went together every easily.  The shoulders glue onto the top of the arms with ease.  Don’t forget the two medals for the leader and the ammunition for the shoulders..

I used the leaders head with the top of the MoW opened.

I also assembled and finished the other unit of Shocktroopers.  So I have eleven MoW to use.

Next, I will do the Grey Lords and Solo.  If I have time I will do the two MoW Solos…  It is possible that I can finish this before the end of October.  Well, it has been way over six months…

Tile next time,

Just do it.

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