BigK update 32 – Der Boom Boom

Sorry this is so late, stuff happens..

In the last month, I have been laid off from my job.  No surprise, the company was cutting 20%.  I wish I wasn’t out of work, but I have done a job search before. Patients, persistence and a positive attitude will get me past this and working again.

For Clash of Titans, I did some Skorne for the last one.  A change of pace I guess.

Back to Khador.  I finished the MoW Shocktroopers a while ago.  

Time to do the second unit I need for the Theme.

I have already done a little work on three more Shocktroopers, but I did get that box of Bombardiers while at GenCon.  I think they need to get painted too.

First I made five more cork base and cut the bar between the feet into posts.

Then I used a trick to mark the cork so I got the hole in the right place.  I took a markers and colored the bottom of the posts on the feet.   This marks the cork making it very easy to see where to cut without hacking a huge hole in the base.  This make cutting the holes and gluing fast and easy.

It was a snap to glue the body onto the legs.  This is my first step in painting too.

The other parts are so easy, these two have holes in the legs to make attaching them very easy.  The top one goes in the back and there is a hole just below the waste for it.  The bottom one has a vertical hole that it pushes up into.

The extra shells glue onto the shoulder, quick and easy .  It fits so well.

Next is the heads for the officer.  Yes, I said heads.  You get three to choose from.  One closed, like the grunts.  One without a helmet.  Like the metal leader.  The new on is with a open helmet.  That is what I will use.  You can also see one of the medal.  You get two.  I think it will be easier to attach the medal to a pin, paint it then glue it on.

Now the chainsaw.  This is a big two handed metal cutting monster.  It also has a shell on top that give it a ranged attack.  There are two different castings with two parts each.  The can’t be confused, the parts are keyed to ensure you don’t mix them up.  I glued them together and I plan on doing most of the painting before I attach them on the body.

The really do look nasty.  

Here is what they may look like when attached.  The plastic arms are flexible enough to allow the move over the body and snap into place.  There is some flexibility in the arm position.  You can move the saw up and down.  The shoulders pads are separate and will attach to the arms in any positing.  I nice change.  Most of the saw will be metal, some black and a little red.  There is a Khador symbol by the trigger hand, that will be black with red symbol.  Same as the other MoW.

Here are the shoulders.  Just a ball joint that will sit on top of the arm.  Easy to attack, nice smooth surfaces.

So, I had stuff glued and primed.  I started this morning with eight bodies.  Three shocktroopers and five bombardiers and all the parts.

First I mixed dark metal that I used as a steel base. Two parts Thamar Black and three parts Pig Iron.  I covered over half the legs and body with this.  I also did most of the chainsaws with it.  Once that dried, I used P3 Armor Wash (think with flow inprover) on all of it.  It is rainy day, so it took a while to dry.  Finished it up with a Cold Steel dry brush over all the metal.

I got out the Brass Balls for the pistons on the legs, from of the smoke stack and other locations.

Next was a lot of Thamar Black.  Up the legs, thigh pads, belly, shoulders and around the back.  A lot of Black.

Finally some Khador Red Base.  On the feet, top and bottom of the thigh pads, around the belly.  A lot of the red needs a second coat.  That is for tomorrow.

So, I am back at it.  I have job search to do, but more time to paint.  At least till the back and eyes get tired.

I also make some progress on the chainsaws and other parts…

This is going to be my Clash of Titans entry.  I have a little over 10 days to finish.

If I can I will do all eight.  If I run short either unit will meet the goal…

Till next time…

Just do it.

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One Response to BigK update 32 – Der Boom Boom

  1. Robb Webb says:

    These guys are coming along nicely.

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