The last week

I have done zero painting.

GenCon happened.

I took some photos for Lost Hemisphere, spent most of my time doing Privateer Press Organized Play stuff.  It was really nice to have a front row seat (standing actually) for the Hardcore finals.  Great game between Chuck and Jason.  Rasheth vs Xerxis, who would have thunk it…

Sleeping on the flool aggravated the back muscles that have had trouble with for the last 2-3 weeks..

Naaresh (new Skorne caster) is very nice looking model.  Great game rules too.  I really want to paint him, but Clash of Titan may get in the way.  Until Domination comes out, I won’t have a theme list for him (hoping for a Bell of Lost Souls sneak preview).  If I have enough unpainted stuff, he will be one of my CoT lists.  Nihilators, Bloodrunners and Paingivers are already painted.  If his list requires a second unit of Nihilators & a bunch of Cyclops, I am ready to go.

BigK is getting close to being done.  I got a unit of Bombardiers (lucky in a raffle) and I could do them, but they are not in my original 50 pt list.

I am pretty close to picking my 3rd list.  One for Skorne, one for Khador, one open slot….

My friend Joe has had some ups and downs.  Trending up.  He has had some trouble breathing.  As his disease progressed he used more and more oxygen.  He lungs kept getting small too.  It is natural to not take deep breaths.  Now he has a new set and he has to learn to breath like he used to.  During surgery the nerves that go to the upper abdomen get bruised.  This interferes with his muscle control.  With time this will improve in 4-6 weeks.

He is talking, posting on facebook and trying to find out what has been going on in the last three weeks.  It has been three weeks since his surgery.  My wife has been there all but three days.  She is exhausted too.

If my back stops spasming, I will get some painting done and post some more pictures.  I am so glad that I was ahead of schedule on CoT.  I am dead even and I need to build up a lead again (not a race) so a bump in the road doesn’t put me in the Missed category.

Till next time,

Just do it!

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One Response to The last week

  1. Loki_333 says:

    Go with the Bombardiers if you have even the slightest motivation to paint them. They perform awesome and look none to shabby.

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