BigK – Update 31 – Attack of the GGGs!!!

First the BigK update.  The last ten days have been an emotional roller coaster.

I got some painting time for stress relief.

Half of the Sixpack is progressing well.  The shields are done, I need to detail the body before I glue them on.  The weapons are ready to glue on too.

I still have a lot of grey and red to add for shading.  I am off to GenCon tomorrow, so I won’t get to do any more painting for a week.

I will be posting videos and photos from GenCon on Lost Hemisphere Blog

My friend Joe is still with us and the new lungs are doing very well.  His progress has been slowed by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  It is common with this type of surgery.  He is improving steadily the last few days.  He was up and walking a little yesterday.  The mental shock of the surgery is the part that needs the most work now.  Physical therapy starts soon too.

Yesterday I was at the Whiz.  Monday is the painting night.  Several people joined the painting party.  Ruth was there.  She is the stores Wyrd games rep.

After a couple of hours, I took a break to walk around and be social.  The Whiz is moving this month to a new location.   So the Whiz is having a 15% off (or more) sale.  One you Khador player was very happy to find out that his new Battle Engine was on sale.

When I got to the Privateer Press area I saw three young ladies.  This isn’t unusual.   The Whiz has toys, cards and such.  I was surprised when I noticed that each of them had a shopping basket with Forces of Warmachine/Hordes books and models in them.  A lot of models.

Over the next half hours I found out that they are part of a group of players at a college 15 miles away.  They started playing recently and needed more models.  We discussed painting, what warcaster to use with certain units.  The game in general.  Nice to meet new players.

When I got back to the painting tables, there was a discussion about the attack of the geek gamer girls.  One of the painters is a college freshman, “I am going to the wrong school”.

One of the painters wondered why they showed up today.  Ruth’s answer “Of course, it is the sale”.

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One Response to BigK – Update 31 – Attack of the GGGs!!!

  1. Ruth says:

    Ladies who will pass up a good sale are few and far between 😉

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