BigK – Update 30 – Badboyz with half a Sixpack

A month ago I talk about a sick friend.

Yesterday, he had an appointment at the hospital for scheduled checkup.  While waiting to see the Doctor, his phone rang.  It was the call he had been waiting for.  “We have lungs for you.”  He told them, “I am already here”.  He went into surgery Eleven hours ago.  It is normally a twelve hour procedure.  He has the hard part, but waiting isn’t easy either…

What have I been doing for the last ten days, work, family friends and stuff…  I have been painting too.  Just not a lot of time to blog…

Lost Hemisphere is doing Clash of Titans.  I need another update every two weeks.  I need to keep painting.  With GenCon and other things coming fast, I need to get ahead of schedule.

So I have both Badboyz done.  Well I have to clean up the bases a little.  They are the same black and red scheme as the rest.

That is two updates and half of the Sixpack are close to being done.

The Sixpack is progressing nicely.  Well, half of them.

I still need a black wash and highlights on the Brass.  It is way to shinny.   Most the body need the red & black highlights.  It is funny how much faster I can do that.  I have had a little bit of practice.

The bodies are base coated and some what highlighted.  The arms and weapon get attached next.  Then I will do all the highlights.  Last thing will be attaching the shield.

In August, GenCon and a family reunion might slow things up a little..

I also need to figure out the other two lists for CoT.

I need to take my own advice.

Just do it.

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One Response to BigK – Update 30 – Badboyz with half a Sixpack

  1. Spiderpope says:

    Really hope everything goes well for your friend.

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