BigK – Update 29 – Badboyz, Six Pack, Loners & Beards

I finished up the Roadies on Saturday.

They are my first CoT update along with BigK.

The bases are Greatcoat Grey with a black wash of P3 Armor Wash.  The snow is Renaissance Ink paste.  I did some highlight on the stone with Greatcoat Grey and Menoth White Highlights mix.  The snow is Underbelly Blue and Morrow White.

One last shot 😀

Now for the last four things.

The Badboyz – 2 Berserkers.

The loners – MoW Drakhun & MoW Kovnik (somewhere in the pile below)

The Sixpack – 2 Units of MoW Shocktroopers

The Beards – GreyLords and Solo

I am not sure which of the three groups will get done first.  It is likely that I will base coat all of them then work on one group.

I have already done some base coat on the some of the Sixpack & Loners.  One of the Badboys has a previous paintjob.  I need to make some changes to that one.

Cork bases for everyone.

I hope to get a bunch of base coating done.  If everything is base coated, details, shading and basing seem to go a lot faster.  Enough for now.

Just do it.

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