[RANT] Token Storage [/Rant]

I finally got a set of Skorne Tokens recently.     😀

I stopped on the way home at the big chain drugstore close to home.  I snagged a 14 compartment pill box.  That should be big enough.

I opened them and the shapes are very distinctive. The ones for spells and such are big enough to write on without any difficulty.  I hope so, they are supposed work that way.

I sorted out the tokens.   They are in stacks of five.  Looks like 15 different one.  Well, 14 compartments should work. I can put the single tokens in one compartment.

Guess what!!!

The compartments only hold FOUR tokens each!!

Some of the larger tokes would not fit at all.

So, I spent $9 and I can’t take it back…… Don’t ask!!!

Don’t make this mistake…..  Pill bottles are evil.

During lunch, I went to Big store.  One of those that has almost everything you would ever need.  I won’t name them, but I bet you can guess.  Here is what I got for just over $3.

The blue things separate the compartments, so you can have big ones if you need to.

I won’t post the product label, but I bet you can find one.  It is a fishing tackle box.   18 compartments that are large enough to fit all the sizes.  Room left over for other things too.

So I dumped them out of the Evil Pillbox and the paper bag holding the rest.  A minute or to finding new homes for them.

Finishing touch.  Put the key in the cover…   I need to clean up the sloppy tape job.

It snaps shut nice and tight too.  Maybe the tokens won’t visit their neighbors.

Remember fishing tackle = Good!   Pillbox = Evil!

Now, what do I do with a 14 compartment pillbox…   😦

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2 Responses to [RANT] Token Storage [/Rant]

  1. Went Awer says:

    “Now, what do I do with a 14 compartment pillbox… :-(”

    Wait till you’re old?

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