BigK – Update 27 – Roadies

It was a very nice holiday weekend.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday I didn’t touch a brush. Well, I did do some prep work.

Sunday I got my second unit of Man-o-War.  So after everyone else went to bed, I got the base ready.  Glued the legs on the base.  Then it was time to pull out the pin vice and drill, drill, drill…..    The body has two holes, the weapon are has 2, the shield arm has one and the weapon hand has one.  This was 18 hole.  Enough to make the fingers and hands hurt. That was enough for the night.

While I was detailing BigK I was using some of the paint to basecoat the Roadies (Mechaniks).

I spent some time yesterday adding some shading a details.  The skin, tools and fur on the coats will get done tonight ( I hope ).

The pants are Thornwood Green. Bootstrap Leather and Rucksack Tan make up the belts, backpacks and leather.  Gloves are Greatcoat Grey and Menoth White Highlights.  I need smooth out some of the shading.

Thamar Black on the boots with leather spats.

Khador Red base on the armor, I still need to shade and highlight that.

The tools are the Dark metal mix of Pig Iron and Thamar Black.  I will dry brush some Pig Iron Highlight to add depth.

I need to add some metal to the belt buckles and other little things.

Well, that is enough to give you a progress report.

A few more shots for you.

Just do it!

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