BigK – update 26 – Da Boss

Last time I posted about working on the bases.  While doing this BigK kept breaking a hip. I thought about doing a lazy fix (glue glob), but I figured that would come back to haunt me.  Once again I held BigK in my hand and considered opening the window to see how well he could fly.

So, here we go again.  BigK comes off the base, legs removed, arms come off.  There was a thick layer of glue on the legs and hips.  I took some glue remover (the pink goop) and got a lot off all 3 parts.  Then I drilled out the leg holes and replaced the pins in the hip.  When I got the legs back on, I realized that the arms will not hit the body now.  The old layers of glue made the hips wider…  Maybe that is why the arms didn’t fit easily.  Ugghhh…

Touchup the paint on the legs, hips and body.

Then I pulled out the skirt.  The connection to the body is two little pins.  I drilled the holes out and got the support bar ready to glue.  The skirt is in three pieces.

It is thin with a small area to glue.  I can’t see a way to pin it in place,  so it is glue only.   Time will tell.  It actually went into place easily.

I have seen a lot of Karchev models without the skirt.  It is some work to get it attached, but it is distinctive.  It makes this model stand out from his battle group.

Arms reattached.  More touchup.  One spot of red hit the snow, pink snow, maybe he is leaking some oil…

Minor touchups tonight then on the the Roadies.

Just do it…

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