Clash of Titans

Not really a preview. Just a quick look at what you will be seeing in the next seven months on Lost Hemisphere.  There is a more information here.

In case you have not noticed.  Eight people have pledged to make three theme lists for TempleCon 2012.  At least T3 and at least 35 points.  This is some serious insanity.

Considering I have been beaten about the head and shoulders by BigK and his bunch of thugs, I thought I should be including them.  I have three jacks done, but I plan on painting 50++ points.  Options, I have to have options.  There is plenty left to do.

There is one list.  Here is the hard part.  What else to do.  Skorne is a logical second choice. I already have Chain Gang (Rasheth T4 50++) and Imperial Executioners (Morghoul2 T4 35).  It is my primary faction and I have a ton of metal under my desk.  Zaal, Xerxis, Mekeda2 (no more epic – I am using 1, 2 and 3) are all possible.

Then L&L drops the art for the new Skorne caster.  Drooling and twitching, I want to know what he does and what his theme is. Maybe he will be out in September, but no theme until the book comes out.  That won’t happen before October (hoping for a bell of lost souls preview).

Then the art for the Skorne Battle Engine showed up (We don’t have a name yet).  If there is a theme list out that included that thing by December and the Battle Engine is out this year.  I will try to do that one.  I can’t commit to what doesn’t exist yet.  I wouldn’t bet on this one, but it is a long shot.

I also have some Gators, Menoth and Cryx that might get a shot at the third list.  I just don’t know.

There will also be incentives for people who join us on LH blog.  This is certainly going to be a wild ride.  Join the fun.

Just do it!

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