BigK – update 25 – Renaissance Ink Flocking Gel

Strange title!  We will get to that in a moment.

Last night I planned on basing BigK and the Jacks.  I covered the cork bases with Greatcoat Grey.  As a side note, the weather was extremely humid.  Paint that normally dries in a few minutes took a half hour to an hour.  Then I took the homemade black was and slopped it all over the bases.  That took way over an hour to dry.  The left over Greatcoat Grey mixed with Menoth White Highlights made a light grey to do a little drybrush on the top and tips.  Again, way to long on the drying time….  Ugghhh.

Here is where the flocking gel comes into play.  Renaissance Ink has been around for way over ten years.  I started using it when I was doing historical 15mm ancients.  It is an acrylic base that comes four types.

X-Fine – dries transparent – I use it for water effects.

Fine – sand/snow

Medium – Gravel

Coarse – Small Rocks

It is a light grey paste, the is easy to use.  This tub is probably over two years old.  It lasts if you keep the lid clean and close it tight. 

To use it grab a craft stick or a tooth pick and smear some on the base.  An old pot may be a little thick, just add some water.  If you get to much, use a clean toothpick to remove some.  It normally take a couple of hours to dry. Not last night.  I use a layer of fine for dirt and spots of medium and coarse to texture the base.

I used the X-fine for Wrongeye and Snapjaw’s swamp bases.  For water effect you can put down a bottom color of paint.  A thin layer of X-Fine, then a thin wash of color, repeating this until you get the depth and colors you want.  When it dries it isn’t very hard, you can easily shape it with a hobby knife or even a finger nail.  It is easy to add footprints when it is half dry.  To color it you have two options. It can be painted when it is dry, it soaks up paint very nicely.  You can also add paint to it before you put it on the base.  I have done this with P3 paints and it works very well.

Well, I digress.  I used some fine.  Thinned it a little and used a toothpick to add some to the bases.  While it was drying, it looked a little thin, so I added some more.

Here is a shot of Problem Child with the flocking gel.  I will the gel with some white and lite blue tonight.

I couldn’t just sit around while waiting stuff to dry.  I primed the Mechaniks (Roadies)  recently.  I pulled out the painting sticks.  I use poster tack to hold small or medium based models on bottle tops.  It is easier to have something besides the base to hold the model while painting.  So I made some balsa wood sticks to hold up to a dozen models while painting ( two sticks of six ).  Here is a write up on how this works.

So, I got some work done on the Roadies.

Just some base coat, but progress is progress.

Just do it!!!

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