BigK – Update 24 – coming together

I have a close friend with pulmonary fibrosis.  A lung disease that is worse than lung cancer.  Only remedy is a lung transplant.

He has been on O2 for months, going down hill.  He is on the list for a double transplant at Brigham’s and Women’s hospital inBoston.

He just got the call.  That means get to the hospital in 2 hours.  Living inConnecticut, he is about 100 miles away.  He is in a state police cruiser right now (nice to have a trooper as a friend).

The hospital call 2-3 possible recipients, so it isn’t a guarantee, but he got a call…

“Crazy… I mean like, so many positive waves… maybe we can’t lose, you’re on! “

So, take a second and make some positive wave.

thank you!!

I ended up attaching the arm, doing some painting then attaching the body.

The glow.  It is on the runes on the shoulders, hands, axe, fire box below the boiler.  I have a mix that is half flow improver and half P3 mix medium.  I added a drop of that and a spot of paint.  That is a 5:1 combination of mix:paint.  It ends up the consistency of skim milk. It still has the color.  I used Morrow White for the base.  I used a small brush the apply this to the areas.  I figured it was ok to slop a little around the edges.  Then I did the same thing with Heartfire.  This give the runes, fire box and axe a nice orange/yellow glow.

The axe was based in the black metal mix (Pig Iron and Thamar Black).  I did the blade in Pig Iron then the high spots and edge in Cold Steel.  The extreme edge with Radiant Platinum. The pad spikes are similar without the Radiant Platinum.

A metric butt ton of grey high lights on the black.

Sometime I hate these pictures.  I keep seeing little imperfections that I need to touch up… Arrgghh.

I will do the bases (the jacks too) next.  Then attack BigKs skirt.

Yesterday, I reposted a some picture taken by the Lost Hemisphere Roving Reporters.  Nothing hard, a quick edit on the photos. A fast right up and post. Boom, more than doubled the hits I have ever had. Wow!!!  Thanks.


Just do it!

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3 Responses to BigK – Update 24 – coming together

  1. Good luck to your friend! Hope things work out.

  2. LoadedDice says:

    Prayers to your friend…I really enjoy your blog and especially BigK

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