Skorne Battle Engine – I think I am in love.

First, many thanks  to the Lost Hemisphere roving reporters for the photos.

At Lock & Load this weekend they showed some of the concept art for the Skorne Battle Engine.

I did a little photoshop to make them easier to see.

It sure looks like an armored Dinosaur.  The beast has some nasty claws on his feet, but I don’t expect attacks with them.  It is hard to tell, but I think the beast has tusks, not like a titan, but maybe an attack.

The protection is in the front has a raised tower with twin Flayer Cannons (something like that).  There is a tower in the back that has a ladder above the tail.   You can see pikes that may be decorations, but elephants used to carry riders that used pikes.  Maybe we get a rider with a pike.

The Dinosaur also has a big hammer attacked to his tail.  I would bet there is a tail attack. Damn that thing looks nasty.

Front and back view.

The front is the twin machine gun turret.  The body could hold a pikemen.  The rear tower, maybe that is where the “cone” goes?  We didn’t get a drawing that showed all the riders like the trolls did.  This doesn’t show the tail, but look at the ladder in the back.  Some crazy detail on the armor all over the Dinosaur.

Do you think the riders will get some Def/Arm bonuses?

This view from above gives me the impression that there will be three riders.  Bow gunner, body rider and tower rider (maybe the horn).

Anyone think we will be getting slam & trample on this one?

The last drawing was the first.  It shows a Praetorian with a horn.  The bottom of the drawing makes it look like he is blowing the horn.  Could this give us some command/battle plan abilities? Does the horn belong on the body or in the rear tower.  My guess is the tower. That position has better protection and visibility.

I don’t expect above average Def on this, but the Arm should be very good.

Trample, Slam, Ranged Attack with Strafe, tail attack (maybe 360 like the Rhinodon.

These are my guesses….


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