BigK – update 23 – 2 steps forward and 1 step back

I finished the left arm last night.  Attaching it was hard, It was right up against the left hip.

I seem to make a habit of making small mistakes during assembly.  BigK’s gallery photo clearly shows that his body is twisted with his right shoulder forward.  His shoulders do not line up with his hips.  So what did I do, I assembled him with everything lined up like he was at attention.

That is why the left are didn’t fit easily.  My luck, the right arm wouldn’t fit at all.

Here I got again, BigK went into the freezer to make the glue brittle.  I had to rip him apart again.

So, I am taking a break for a couple of minutes then I will reassemble and try to get the right arm installed and finish.

Just do it.

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