BigK – Update 22 and a /rant

I have had some time to clean up and detail BigK.  The stacks are nicely shaded.  The flash makes him look like he escaped from a Tron Movie.

I am probably working on the arms tonight. Yesterday, I had a little bit of luck.  I got out of work an hour early.

Early painting, then some hockey.

In the middle of this I found out that a friend did something that, to me, seems very stupid.


I know that personal choices are just that. They are personal “period”.

The part that angers me.  You blast everyone.

There is no reason to post it on Facebook and Run you mouth all over Twitter. Make your choice and move on.

Remember, you can blame your problems on other people and things you do.  At the end of the day, they are still your problem.

Keep burning those bridges. It is all about you.  Justify it any way you want.  Your hobbies and friends caused all your problems, made you drink, lose a job, got a divorce. Sure they did. Keep pointing that finger at everyone else.

Someday, maybe someday you will look in the mirror and take a long hard look.  That is where you will see the cause of your problems.

Keep burning those bridges…

Like BigK, it is time to turn my back and walk away.  [/Rant]

Just do it!

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One Response to BigK – Update 22 and a /rant

  1. Jamie says:

    Big K is looking good, can’t wait to sit down and play a game over some drinks, Craigger.

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