Khador comes to visit – Something very different

Friday afternoon, I was getting the lemonade to go with dinner.  The wife had made a pizza.  Dinner was almost on the table.  She had just asked if I wanted some red pepper on mine.

Then her voice got excited, “Look” was the only word she got out.  She was looking out the kitchen wind, pointing at the edge of the woods.

We have a house, but it is in a neighborhood of over 40 houses.  The road is a loop with a large area of woods in the middle.   The woods are about 40-50 yards until you get to the houses on the other side.  The normal wild life are squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks.  Once and a while we might see a fox, coyote or deer.  That doesn’t event happen once a year.  We have a bird feeder on a post about half way to the trees.

Well, back to the story.

I looked out the window and I ran for the camera.  I remember telling the wife to be quiet.

He was coming out of the trees slowly walking to the bird feeder.  I ran to the back room, grabbed my Droid and started taking pictures.  All I could think was “If I don’t get a picture, nobody is going to believe this.”

Yes, it was a young black bear.  I had to take the picture through the window (sorry about the screen).  He was looking for lunch. 

He stood up sniffing the feeder, I kept snapping while the wife got on the phone to the neighbors (not sure who she called, I was a little distracted).  I am pretty sure he had heard us.  His ears are up listening.  That one is while he as licking side of the bird feeder.

He didn’t wreck it, a noise frightened him off just after this picture.  He ran into the woods.  The neighbors Black Lab barked at him.  He stopped at tree and looked around for a minute and kept going up the hill.

We found out later that he crossed the road at the top of the hill, surprising a couple of people.  He casually decided that he as getting to much attantion.  He was seen a couple of miles away later in the evening.

He was about 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall standing up.  The picture has a bright spot to the right of his head.  That is another bird feeder.  We measured that a little over 5 feet off the ground.  He is a male, it was obvious, but it didn’t show in the pictures.

He also stopped at the house just down the hill from us and had a snack at their bird feeder before we saw him.  Andrew was upset that he missed this visitor.  The guys mother taught him well, get the easy food and run away if you get caught.

The story doesn’t end there.  We had neighbors calling and visiting all evening and Saturday.  The picture got posted on facebook and the local newspaper posted an online article this morning.  I got a phone call that the newspaper had posted the photos under that wrong name.  Andrew was worried that I would be mad about the mistake.  I am still laughing about that one.  To top it all off, two Boston television stations emailed with questions, then called.  I emailed them the photos.

Right now there is a reporter and a camera crew coming for an interview.  This is a bit surrealistic to be honest.

The CBS crew showed up and did over a half hour of filming and interviews.  Nice guys.  So many I should watch the news at 11pm tonight..

All this because a bear spent less than two minutes in my back yard.

Maybe I really and destined to play Khador.

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One Response to Khador comes to visit – Something very different

  1. Von says:

    That’s a lot of fuss over a bear. Slow news day?

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