BigK – Update 20 – Tiny little head

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Of course BigK is still in pieces.  The legs and torso are assembled.  The head, cheek guards, stacks, arms and skirt are still not attached.

Assembly plan…  Head then cheek guards, stacks, arms, finish the base, skirt.

Years ago I worked in a steam plant.  A lot of pipes, fittings, valves and such.  I look at the torso and head and the plumbing is a big part of what make BigK different from a Jack.  I know, I know…  His head is in there somewhere, but it is so small.  It is easy to not notice it hidden in all that armor and piping.  I can’t really blame him, I would what my head to have as much protection as possible.  I decided to go with a Brass Balls and Pig Iron as the base colors for the pipes.  A couple of thin coats followed by P3 Armor Wash thinned down with some flow improver.  I used the same colors to highlight the tips and washed it again.

The back has a few pipes too.  The boiler is my Black metal mix (Pig Iron and Thamar Black).  This shot shows me that I need a little more work on the back pipes.  The boiler cover handle is brass too.

Side shots show the pipes  that run under the torso and the pipes on the side of the boiler.  I need to do the Pig Iron on those pipes.

I know this is a fantasy game, but building this out of metal has a few things that probably would not change. The weight of the Jack is limited.  Using lighter metals for different parts make sense.  That makes me uses different metal colors and washes to make the parts as distinctive as possible.

Another detail that BigK has that isn’t on any Jack are the letters on his shoulders and hands.  I am going to try to make these stand out like the old mans focus is energizing the mechanical parts of his body.  I am not sure of the colors.  Thinking about Cygnus Yellow and Heartfire.  I wonder how many times I will do this glow before I am happy with it….

Now the smallest part of BigK, his head.

The pipes that come out of the lower torso connect to the head.  I am using the same metal to do the head piping too.  In case you didn’t notice, the straight pipes are Pig Iron and the fittings and elbows are Brass Balls.  The part that surprised me is what holds the head in place.  It looks like the engineers that designed this used a Jack finger to hold him in place.  There are two gauges in middle.  The white looks uneven, not to self, work on it.

I will use the same highlights on the black and red that I used on the Jacks.  The vents above the Gauges need some grey highlights.  I am still thinking about what to do with his eyes.  I could wash in some color.  Maybe dark pupils with a red spot in the middle. I just don’t know …..

Well, ideas will come with time.  Speaking of time.  Tonight, painting, baseball, hockey, all of the above.

The single biggest thing that is keeping me from predicting the completion of BigK Tier 4 50 Pt is the fact that I need a second unit of Men-o-War.  I have three Shocktroopers.  I may have to get a second box and go with two small units of Shocktroopers.  The mythological man-o-war unit is still not on the horizon.  I am waiting to see what the Man-o-War UA is like.  Wrath is coming soon.  I am looking forward to a good read and new stuff.

Well, unit next time.  Just do it.

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