BigK – Update 19 – Moving on

One good thing about Dumb & Dumber and the Problem Child is that there are a lot of similarities in the model.

One bad thing about Dumb & Dumber and the Problem Child is that there are a lot of similarities in the model.  I am glad that there isn’t a fourth one.  The same stuff gets a little old.

So, I attached the arms on Dumber.  Here is is resting like a little puppy, before he gets his grownup paint job.

I still need to do the Black Metal on some areas, no highlights on the arms yet. I already did some of the body highlights.  I like the position of the arms.  With his hands almost together, but not quite.  A little different from his brothers.

I used Black Metal on his hands and did black on all the arm and head rivets.

I mixed up the grey and orange/yellow I use for highlights and went to town on the arms and body.

Some of the grey highlights are on the arms, but the orange isn’t there yet. His head spike isn’t done either.  I did the orange highlights.  I usually screw up some of the edge lines and have to use some read to thin the orange lines. It is pretty easy.  I did some Pig Iron highlights on the spike, hands, boiler and rivets.

So here a couple of final shots of Dumber.  He deserves the spotlight as much as any of them.

Time to move on.  28 points of jack is a good start 😉

When I first started this project, I base coated BigK and the first of his battlegroup (yes, there will be more Jacks)…  Here he is the legs and skirt and almost done and ready to attach.  The body is basecoated.  Head and arms are started.  So he is next.

Monday at the Whiz I based the Mechaniks. Notice the easy to handle base extenders 😉  Last night I primed them.  They will get basecoated and I might do the flesh while BigK gets assembled and details.

Then I will pick something to do next, base, prime and basecoat will I detail the mechaniks.

The base, prime & basecoat are things I do to fill the time while waiting for washes dry on the model I am detailing.

Less than a week till Wrath.  I wish I didn’t have to wait, but there isn’t any other option…

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